philips air fryer manual hd9621

What kind of food can I make in my Philips Airfryer? The VAT amount will be deducted from the price shown above. 'cable' instead of 'calbe', 3.General terms, e.g. We are sorry, your search for Keep track of your product warranty coverage, Qualify for cash-back, gifts and special offers, Philips values and respects your privacy. Sorry, your subscription to our newsletter failed. Philips Viva Collection HD9621 Pdf User Manuals. How to prepare food in my Philips Airfryer? Specifications are subject to change without notice, Les caractéristiques sont susceptibles d'être modifiées sans préavis, Viva collection airfryer low fat fryer multicooker white with rapid air technology (64 pages), Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Using the Double-Layer Rack (HD9622 Only), Uso De La Rejilla De Dos Niveles (Solo HD9622), Utilisation De La Grille Double Hauteur (HD9622 Seulement), Utilisation Du Couvercle Antiéclaboussures, Page 12: Using The Double-Layer Rack (Hd9622 Only), Page 28: Uso De La Rejilla De Dos Niveles (Solo Hd9622), Page 29: Uso De La Tapa A Prueba De Salpicaduras, Page 45: Utilisation De La Grille Double Hauteur (Hd9622 Seulement). Which frozen fries can I make in my Philips Airfryer? How much food can I prepare in my Philips Airfryer? 19.8 MB, PDF file, If you're eligible for VAT relief on medical devices, you can claim it on this product. Please try again later. User manual PDF file, 33.9 MB October 23, 2018 . file, Viva Collection HD9621 fryer pdf manual download. © Koninklijke Philips N.V., 2004 - 2020. returned no results. 3.0 MB, PDF User manual … 33.9 MB, PDF Large 0.8 kg capacity, 20% compacter* The new Airfryer has been designed with compactness in mind (20% smaller) while still enabling to cook large amount of food (800 gr). View online or download Philips Viva Collection HD9621 User Manual, Manual What kind of oil can I use in my Philips Airfryer? Please read the, Philips Viva Collection Airfryer HD9621/36 TurboStar Low fat fryer Red, 1425W, 0.8kg, PDF There are currently no items in your shopping cart. Always make sure … - Keep the power cord away from hot surfaces. Do I need to preheat my Philips Airfryer? Why do I have to shake the food in my Philips Airfryer? Philips HD9621/96 user guide pdf download for HD9621/96. Look for full details in your shopping basket. "" 'cable' instead of 'adaptor cable'. Can I place my Philips Airfryer pan on the worktop? Viva Collection Airfryer HD9621/96 Great tasting fries with up to 75% less fat* With Philips unique TurboStar technology you can fry food using minimal oil and prepare delicious and evenly cooked dishes. How to clean the inside/heating element of my Philips Airfryer. 4 ENGLISH - Only connect the appliance to an earthed wall outlet. file, The food from my Philips Airfryer is not crispy or as expected, The coating of my Philips Airfryer’s pan or basket peels off, White smoke comes out of my Philips Airfryer. Keep the appliance and its cord out of reach of children less than 8 years. Can I use baking paper/tin foil in my Philips Airfryer? 14.9 MB, 1.Spell check, e.g. Where can I find recipes for my Philips Airfryer? Unfortunately this product is no longer available. What kind of baking tin can I use in my Philips Airfryer? 2.2 MB, PDF Where is the model and serial number on my Philips Airfryer? Which potatoes are best for making fries in my Philips Airfryer? file, file, 17.3 MB, PDF file, Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter! Also for: Viva collection hd9622. Philips Airfryer with TurboStar technology saves you and your home from the smell of fried oil compared to a regular fryer. All rights reserved. Which Philips Airfryer accessory is compatible with which model? Is the Philips Airfryer basket with the Easy Click handle also compatible with the predecessor models (HD922x and HD923x)? How do I detach/attach the EasyClick handle on my Philips Airfryer? Philips Viva Collection Airfryer HD9621/36 TurboStar Low fat fryer Red, 1425W, 0.8kg . View and Download Philips Viva Collection HD9621 user manual online. HD9621/96 Philips Healthy Cook Viva Collection Airfryer ... HD9621/96 Philips Healthy Cook … How to clean the pan and basket of my Philips Airfryer.

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