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It is unsightly, but rarely kills phlox. Replacement phlox plants should be grown elsewhere in the garden, and good garden hygiene imposed, removing all dead leaves. Its sweetly fragrant pink petals frame a dark pink eye, and are backed by contrasting purple sepals. Established clumps can be divided in early spring every four or five years or so. Wash off the soil, and use a sharp, sterilised knife to cut off 5cm lengths of good, healthy roots. Discover seven great varieties of phlox, below. All have been given the RHS Award of Garden Merit following a range of horticultural trials over many years. It has the typical green, lance-shaped phlox leaves and scented, purple flowers with a white star at the centre during mid to late summer. Groups of five or seven are most effective. Many herbaceous perennials are shy flowerers when they are over-provided with nitrogen and under-provided with phosphorus. Neither is terminal, and infection can be avoided or reduced through good care of the plants, ensuring they do not suffer water stress, providing adequate ventilation, and not watering late in the day. Borders were traditionally laid out with the taller plants at the back, mid-size types such as phlox in the middle and shorter plants at the front. Phlox is very susceptible to fungal infections such as leaf spot and powdery mildew. Spray healthy plant foliage thoroughly with wettable sulfur every 2 weeks, starting as soon as the whitish coating of the fungus appears tp control its spread. There are also cultivars with two-coloured flowers, and a few with variegated foliage. Powdery mildew is the most common fungal disease of phlox plants. Some contemporary gardeners are rebelling against this tradition with less regimented designs, for example using taller but visually permeable plants such as grasses nearer the front of the border. This cultivar grows up to 1.1m high. 222879/SC038262. As with most plants, phlox do encounter problems with insects and diseases. Plants and flowering can be enhanced through providing them with a sprinkling of blood, fish and bone each year before the spring mulching with rich organic matter. Phlox prefers a position in full sun, though it will still grow well in a little light shade. The name ‘phlox’ comes from the Greek for flame, perhaps making reference to the wild species’ vivid flower colours. Propagation of the cultivars is easiest by division or root cuttings. A shorter, robust and weather-resistant variety up to 70cm tall, ‘Danielle’ produces clean white flowers with a wonderful scent over an extended period throughout the summer. The plants not only produce an abundance of colour but also a delicious fragrance that evokes the very essence of a traditional English cottage garden. The best way to prevent mildew is to keep the soil rich by mulching generously in the spring. Split stems or distorted, misshaped leaves are likely to be signs of stem and leaf eelworm infestation. ‘Prince of Orange’ is an erect, herbaceous perennial up to 80cm tall. ‘Grey Lady’ is a bushy but upright perennial, growing up to a height of 1m. ‘Le Mahdi’ is a clump-forming herbaceous perennial to 1m tall, with dark foliage and panicles of fragrant violet-blue flowers. Separate the clump into sections, discard the old, woody centre, and plant the sections into the border straight away, watering in well but not waterlogging. Extra attention is needed in the early summer when the days are warm and the nights cool. Slugs can be a problem with fresh spring growth. ‘Miss Pepper’ grows up to 1m high, but has sturdy and relatively wind-resistant stems. Placing the tray on a warm surface will hasten growth, but it is likely to be mid-summer before roots are sufficiently established for the cuttings to be grown on. This article focuses on caring for the upright, herbaceous, perennial phloxes. Herbaceous perennials are generally grown in uneven-numbered groups for best effect, assuming there is room in the border. Phlox is traditionally grown in herbaceous borders with other summer-flowering perennials such as lupins, Penstemons, Alchemilla mollis, Campanulas, roses, Heleniums, Echinaceas, Stachys, Achilleas, Delphiniums and hollyhocks. The hybrid ‘Miss Mary’ grows up to 1m in height, and has more oval-shaped leaves than most garden phloxes. ‘Uspekh’ is a herbaceous perennial, growing up to 1m high. A wide range of phlox cultivars is available from nurseries and garden centres. Phlox arrived in the UK as a garden plant from its native North America in the early 1800s and soon became a firm favourite for the summer herbaceous border. Prepare the ground for planting by digging in some garden compost or other fertile organic matter. Established plants will deal with temperatures below freezing, Rich, moisture retentive but well drained loam, Blood, fish and bone in spring and water soluble fertiliser in autumn, Slugs, eelworm, mildew and other fungal infections. The fragrant flowers are a delicate pale pink with a pearlescent quality. The dark green leaves provide a contrasting backdrop to the pleasantly scented, reddish-purple flowers from mid to late summer. The half-hardy annual group are useful as bedding plants and for growing in containers. RHS Garden Hyde Hall Spring and Orchid Show, Free entry to RHS members at selected Phlox is good for indoor arrangements, but the flowers will need to be looked after to stay their best. 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