pique fabric pronunciation

The weave is closely associated with white tie, and some accounts [which?] 2. a sudden outburst of anger Familiarity information: PIQUE used as a noun is rare. Pronunciation . Learn more. • PIQUE (noun) The noun PIQUE has 2 senses: 1. tightly woven fabric with raised cords. Pique definition: Pique is the feeling of annoyance you have when you think someone has not treated you... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples IPA : /ˈpiːkeɪ/ Noun . pique (countable and uncountable, plural piques) A durable ribbed fabric made from cotton, rayon, or silk. piqué m (plural piqués) dive (of an airplane) (textiles, couture) two fabrics stitched together to make a pattern, or a single fabric … Piqué fabrics vary from semi-sheer dimity to heavy weight waffle cloth. Twilled cotton and corded cotton are close relatives.. References • PIQUE (verb) The verb PIQUE has 1 sense: 1. cause to feel resentment or indignation Familiarity information: PIQUE used as a … Piqué, or marcella, refers to a weaving style, normally used with cotton yarn, which is characterized by raised parallel cords or geometric designs in the fabric. Pique definition, to affect with sharp irritation and resentment, especially by some wound to pride: She was greatly piqued when they refused her invitation. From French piqué, past participle of piquer (“ to prick, quilt ”) Pronunciation . So, if you’ve found yourself asking, “What is pique?” this is the article for you. Pique, otherwise known as Marcella, has its origins in the 18 th century. ‘President Theodore Roosevelt, who in a fit of pique coined the term ‘muckraking’, called him a potent influence for evil.’ ‘I may, in a fit of pique, for no apparent reason that either of us can see, have ‘stuffed’ these carrots behind the water pipes.’ ‘To leave now would suggest that he'd gone in a fit of pique.’ From when you should wear it to the Acorn Fabrics pique collection – we’ve got it all covered in today’s blog… Pique fabric and its origins. See more. piqué m (feminine singular piquée, masculine plural piqués, feminine plural piquées) past participle of piquer; Noun . pique (plural piques) A chigger or jigger, Tunga penetrans. IPA : /pi.ke/ Verb . Etymology 4 . pique definition: 1. a feeling of anger, especially caused by someone damaging your feeling of being proud of….

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