prosciutto and melon

This classic, easy summer recipe features juicy cantaloupe and salty Italian Slice the melon thinly and arrange on the serving plate, together with the sliced prosciutto. Charentais is a type of cantaloupe, more fragrant and sweet than a regular cantaloupe. freshly ground black pepper, mini sweet peppers, fresh chives and 21 more . It only takes two ingredients and a sharp knife to cook up this classic Italian antipasti that is always served among crostini, grissini and mozzarella tomatoes at receptions and big Italian party buffets. Halve 6 slices prosciutto (about 3 ounces total) lengthwise. Prosciutto e melone. The Italian prosciutto and melon appetizer is the easiest summery recipe: once you’ve bought about 100 gr (3.5 oz) of prosciutto – keep it out of the fridge if you are going to serve it on that same day-, you only have to cut the melon in two, carve out the seeds with a spoon, cut each half in four to six slices and peel each. Remove the outer skin from the melon. Century AD. Seed 1/2 medium honeydew melon; slice into 12 half-inch thick pieces, and remove rind from each. But it’s also a very old combination with roots dating back to the 2. Wrap 1 slice around each melon piece. pate, cheese, cherry tomatoes, dried sausage, olives, prosciutto and 6 more. In France, people often enjoy this salad with the charentais melon. In fact, their aroma is absolutely heavenly and not even comparable to regular cantaloupe. cantaloupe, grape tomatoes, basil leaves, prosciutto, melon, fresh mozzarella balls. Method. This prosciutto melon salad, in particular, is a summertime favorite. Cured ham and melon is probably the most clichéd Italian antipasti ever. Halve 6 slices prosciutto (about 3 ounces total) lengthwise. Easy Gluten Free Summer Cheese Board Get Inspired Everyday! Cut in half and remove and discard the seeds. Simple Mediterranean Antipasti Platter Happy Foods Tube.

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