prs s2 review

There is a slight 'V' to the profile, and it's pretty darn comfortable. MusicRadar verdict: This competitively priced take on one of PRS's most-prized builds is one of the most versatile electrics on the market, offering a tour-de-force of vintage-modern tone and superlative playing experience. Either way, it's a modern classic, and the S2 Custom 24, made in the USA but offering plenty change from two grand, is a mightily attractive proposition. Bath This means that the strings require slightly less tension than most guitars, helping players bend and press the strings down. The PRS S2 Standard has a solid double cutaway body made of pure mahogany. If you’re a seasoned professional, or you specialize in one genre, this may not be the guitar for you. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? It takes all of the same materials and construction, and upgrades them. This competitively priced take on one of PRS's most-prized builds is one of the most versatile electrics on the market, offering a tour-de-force of vintage-modern tone and superlative playing experience. The PRS S2 Standard is a working musician’s best friend. It’s the way to go if you love PRS, but want something more. To mark the 35th anniversary of Paul Reed Smith Guitars, there are three special edition Custom 24s; one in the SE series, this US-built S2 model, and then the tricked-out instrument from the über-deluxe Core series. The S2 Standard doesn’t cut any corners with material and design. The SE is excellent: the closest yet to a Core model at 20 per cent of the price. Given that this is an anniversary model it is only fitting that the Pattern Regular neck should feel so familiar. Guitar Affinity's Top 5 Guitars of the Month: Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Single coil pickups may have a charming tone, but they can give a nasty buzz. Others just see it as something different, a paradigm shift in guitar design. Each pickups has a mini-toggle switch to split the humbucker into true single-coil mode. To understand why this instrument is so versatile, let’s talk about how this guitar is built, sounds, and feels.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'guitaraffinity_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',105,'0','0'])); Paul Smith began his company by hand-making each guitar himself. The 24-fret PRS Custom is the electric guitar that defines the brand, a supremely versatile instrument whether it is a Core US model or a more affordable instrument from the PRS SE series. Notably, they also describe how comfortable the highly contoured body of the PRS S2 is to play. Whatever style you want to play in, this guitar will do a pretty good job with distortion. PRS S2 35th Anniversary Custom 24 review PRS celebrates a landmark year with an S2 that promises expanded sounds for half the price of the Core Custom These humbuckers are in the standard bridge/body configuration, and come with a master volume and tone knob. • PRS SE Custom 24 It brings you the standard of quality that PRS is known for without breaking the bank. Besides the truss-rod cover, there's not a lot between the regular S2 Custom 24 and this anniversary model, but the pickups configuration is quite different. The medium frets are the perfect balance of easy to play without hurting your fingers. It’s contoured, which some players prefer. The guitar is very meat-and-potatoes, making it easy to pick up and play no matter what your style is. Tremolo bars often mess with your strings’ intonation. This guitar has a scale length of 25”, which is just below the average of 25.5”. The PRS S2 Studio is a more premium version of the S2 Standard. Even though the S2 Standard is meant for versatility, its cleans rival that of even top-of-the-line guitars. It’s a no-frills, cost effective instrument that gets the job done no matter what style you’re playing. Have both! Allied to the switching options, you've got eight standard sounds to play with before bringing your tone control into play. Depending on your needs, you’ll want to choose accordingly. The vibrato remains one of the most stable on the market. It also has that familiar outline, the S2 style, SG-inspired body chamfers (rather than a carved top), and the hallmark treble cutaway scoop … The S2 strikes the perfect balance between these two profiles. From the Latin rock of Carlos Santana to the modern blues of John Mayer, PRS has delivered some of music’s highest quality guitars. It's quite possibly unbeatable at this price. There are 500k pots wired with a .033 microfarads tone capacitor, and an additional 820kohms resistor on the volume control that 'tunes' the circuit. The S2 Custom 24 has a flatter top with the carve sloping from around an inch from the body's edge. Thank you for signing up to Musicradar. You will receive a verification email shortly. The S2 Standard has a Pattern regular, meaning that it’s an approximation of the original necks Paul Smith would use in the early days of his career.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'guitaraffinity_com-banner-1','ezslot_4',107,'0','0'])); This neck has a medium depth, making it both comfortable and playable for most styles of music. The wrong sized neck or body can make your instrument tough to practice on, or will make it impossible to hit the right notes. Whether you’re shredding like Eddie Van Halen or you’re just doing some simple solos, this guitar will work in a variety of genres. Who is the best online guitar personality of 2020? When you factor in the humbuckers, the three-way toggle, and the expansive sweep of the tone control, the S2 Custom 24 is options galore. It may not be your perfect fit, but the odds are that it won’t be uncomfortable on your fretting hand. The PRS S2 Standard has 2 variants with 22 and 24 frets. Acoustically, it is good and resonant, and a quick noodle up to the top-end of the fretboard and back bodes well for when it is plugged in. They are crisp and clear, and have just enough twang to them to make your guitar shine in any style. Paul Reed Smith has always prided himself on his continuous innovations in guitar design. Sort of… £1499; €1799; By Dave Burrluck 28 March 2014 All too often, split humbuckers sound too weedy to be anything more than a last resort, but not here.

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