rez urban dictionary

There are constant fights since 75% of the population is drunk or on drugs. Calls everyone Aunty, Uncle, Gram, Gramps, or Cousin. Typically has a pair of untied Jordans on combined with a pair of Jordan Shorts and Jordan Tee. Res The res is an area thats like a real life Jerry Springer show mixed with Wildboys. Rez (in Second Life) means to create or to make an object appear. Urban Dictionary and our advertising partners set cookies on your computer to improve our site and the advertisements you see. Dude, She gave me such a Rez-erection Yesterday! Rez-Erection sex The Act of getting an erection on the rez. At least once a week the cops do a bust to try and clean up the area. Reresolution, or just simply, rerez, is when a program … a well aged vehicle, often found on the rez, with many dents, an unmentionable amount of rust and odor, as well as missing numerous key elements such as, but not limited to side view mirrors, functioning engine parts, either bumper, any or all four hubcaps etc. ‘Father Stone drove the twenty miles from the nearest off-rez town, eastward on the spruce- and swamp-lined two-lane county road that dead-ended at the rez.’ ‘But despite all of this - or perhaps because of it - basketball is played on the rez and played very well.’ any of the aforementioned parts may also be fastened by an adhesive such as gorilla glue, scotch, duct or any other various form of tape. Rez Kid Any child currently running around the Rez (does not have to be Native). also … If something were to appear out of nowhere, someone should say it " Rezzed in". A native american female.

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