risa ukulele review

Life got busy and I did not follow up with Risa. Contacting Ris would be my first step. I have the tenor version. Risa electric ukes - that's the uke-solid, uke-ellie and LP ranges - are all manufactured in the Czech Republic to RISAs owen designs. I used the nut sauce on the new one they sent me. The shape of it is the first thing you have to get used to. But, I must admit that I will not be buying another product from these people. first world problems) I tried the Bravo Audio Headplug Mini Rechargeable Guitar Headphone Amplifier but found it disappointing. If you’re considering purchasing a ukulele, you should consider which size is right for you and what style suits you best, as not all ukuleles look or play the same. I use something called nut sauce which is designed for electric guitars. Good fun to play and great for travelling. The uke are still made and havent changed so everything I say still stands. sorry my previous comment.. was to say CAN you replace the strings with aquila/other if they break? I will happily attempt to deal with any enquiries and people may find it easier to deal with a UK-based distributor than the manufacturer. Put my Micro Cube's nose out of joint! Totally blown away. I've bought this to replace a Stagg LP copy thing which was fun but awful to play (high action, tiny neck etc). That's a long and informative review. Thanks Alan - good aint they? So, you've sold me on it, but where do they sell it? Risa LP Tenor Electric Ukulele - REVIEW Well this ukulele has been a while coming and was starting to look notable by its absence on the Got A Ukulele reviews page. Many thanks. However, I would love to get the thing up and running again! Hi Barry, my replacement ukulele arrived 2 days ago. Not really Jim - they are solid as rocks. I've not broken a string since doing this.1. If you enjoy this blog, donations are welcomed to allow me to invest more time in bringing you ukulele articles. I hope so too. I agree with you about the logo, a bit horsy for such a little instrument! I think the Belcat ones are much cheaper, just as good and last longer. I’m warning against fully steel strings. Thanks Barry. I wanted a new ukulele that I could plug into with headphones but felt that the ones with pickups took away some of the "acoustic charm" from the instrument. Maybe this is a newer version because the Logo you mention IS large, but quite grey and not to blatant. For a clean sound, put the gain below 3, and crank up the volume. They are standard planetary tuners, but I'd check with them whether the shafts are bigger than old ones or they changed the routing, (And I believe you can contact Risa through this store https://www.ukulele.de/shop4/ ), Thank you for your help! Very comfortable to hold and play. If anyone is interested I have a YouTube video playing mine through an iPad with a Sonuus midi converter. Really want one of these. I've switched to Living Waters (fluorocarbon; unwound low G) for the Risa, and am considerably happier with their feel and sound. What I got were allegations of mistreatment of their fantastic product ;) Well, I finally weaseled out of Rigk the right tuners to buy. (I'm worried, ....haha ) I sent them an email with a picture; awaiting their reply at the moment. They look identical with humbucker pickups, but one is about $200 cheaper. The soprano is the most popular size and is what most people picture when they think of a ukulele. I found an especially good, detailed and yet concise review and demo on Youtube. Thank you for the review. Jennifer - personally - if it's new I would send it back. It was flawless, I still own it and adore it. Hi Barry, I recently brought a Risa from reading this review and others on YouTube, but there's a small crack in the wood at the pickup when I received it in the mail. Risa Solid Neck - note off centre fret markers. How they reached that conclusion without looking at the ukulele baffles me. Are risa good at customer service ? Thus, it has the old (and apparently worse) tuners. I posted my thoughts on my then-new Risa Solid tenor back in December 2016, and I'm still "in love" with this instrument - I'd want to save "Rod" from the proverbial house fire (which of course, I hope will never happen! Thanks for all of your reviews. and assured me that "it certainly was not a quality issue." as I've noticed with a few other reviews. The RISA is perfect – it's quirky looking so plugging into it makes sense to me (crazy I know). Only priblem was fittung a suitable hard case that supports in full, even ditect from RIsa was a Kala one and diesnt fit snug enough, Love the looks of this - such a shame they don't do left handed versions. It's pretty swell. Ta. It played perfectly with clear, bell-like tones. New reviews coming soon though - only so many hours in the day! The Belcat sounds great with it, but I wish it wasn't so bulky. Ukulele.de in Germany, I brought mine at Southern ukuleles around three weeks ago and cost £560.00 I think. All great since. Keith - a lot of people like the VOX ones, but to be honest I think they fall apart easily - had a couple that just didn't last. Do you have any advice on how to proceed? There is no comparison between the two brands. I returned it, and am sticking with the Belcat. BTW just ditched my 'buzzy 'Marshall mini amp for a Blackstar, which has amazingly clear sound. Many thanks barry maz for a great review and good advice too. ), I've been coveting one, and was finally in a position to "make a move" a few weeks ago. (sigh. why not new reviews ?? If the target note is missed (gone too high) it helps to back off further than you might with a normal uke before coming back at the note from below.One thing I love about the Risa is its clarity of sound which encouraged me to work on my finger picking style.Another plus is the size of it: even the tenor is shorter than a regular soprano uke. I sent them an email and hope to be strumming my Risa again soon ;). 05439504 VAT No. Cheers. Patreon pledges, large or small, all help keep this site going!! Or, should I take the Risa into any instrument store and see if they can help me with a repair? As a first test, I passed it through one of my old Zoom FX boxes. I read that older models of this uke had problems with the tuning but since they improved the tuners it should be better.The RISA solid body is produced in Eastern Europe.

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