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Thread starter MRC01; Start date May 2, 2020; M. MRC01 Major Contributor. Click here for details. May 2, 2020 #1. In this post I’ll do a deepdive into both mics, give you some of their features, specifications, … Blue Yeti vs Rode NT USB; Read Before you Buy! AKG Pro Audio C214. I use a FET in my 22mm body mods that has a declining noise amplitude vs frequency characteristic. AT2035 . My Studio. Read More » Hi everyone I'm trying to get started with a Rode NT1-A, but I'm having trouble finding the 'sweet spot'. Honestly, it sounds to me like you are processing the Rode with the same EQ and stuff as the Yeti, which will never sound good. Room Acoustics and General Speaker Discussions. Share Quote. I have a pair of Rode NT1A … Mic Calibration for Rode NT1A. AudioTechnica AT2020. Gear Nut . The sound quality is absolutely fantastic.. One of them is center-terminated and is basically a K67 recreation (intentional 8kHz boost). After combing through hundreds of Reddit posts and comments for the last 4 years, I have determined this mic is STILL the best ha ha. MXL 770. Forums. Try a Miktek MK300. The tone is nice, but I find that t It has a fairly flat frequency response whith just some rounded cuts at 20-30Hz and 16k-20kHz. The Blue Yeti and the Rode NT USB are two of the most popular USB microphones on the market. Rode spec's the NT1a at 5dBa self noise. AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII. Although not very versatile, the Rode NT1-A is a solid microphone for a very good price. Rode NT1A. So it actually sounds like it has a lower self noise in the critical 2-4kHz band than its A-weighted measurement (which is dominated by the lower midrange spectral noise) would indicate. Rode NTK Tube Condenser. There is literally no chance in the entire world that the Yeti would beat out the Rode. Despite finding it to be a relatively great microphone, it is lacking in picking up the low-end of his voice. Check Current Price. Another … has a HF resonator plate for even more HF [boost]. Things To Consider When Buying a Microphone. The NT1 and NT1a mics use three different capsule variations based around the K67-type backplates. Audio, Audio, Audio! 1. The Rode NT1 is the newer and updated version of the famous NT1-A which was released almost 14 years prior.. It’s been completely redesigned from the ground up and the only component both of these microphones share is the mesh grille. Rode NT1A Review: Conclusion And Rating. May 2, 2020 #1. 1st November 2017 #5. jakenolan. We now measure and review equipment for free! Though it sits somewhere between inexpensive and expensive, it is actually a great price when you consider that you’re getting a quality condenser mic. 26 Reviews written. This video is a quality comparison between the Samson C03U and Rode NT1-A microphones. The champ is here. Mark, AKA Akumaryu, begins the review by giving some background on his Samson C03U, which he had been using for four years. Now, they are very different and knowing these differences is something that will help you make a better decision. Joined Feb 5, 2019 Messages 1,314 Likes 1,255 Location Pacific Northwest. Last edited by edva; 1st November 2017 at 02:16 PM.. Reason: sp 2.

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