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This article will guide you exactly how to learn the genitive case in Russian. Genitive case in Russian - Free online audio lessons; Practice Russian cases with examples and audio; Russian grammar - Short audio lessons for beginners; Learn new Russian words daily; Learn easy Russian words and phrases; More Russian grammar tests If you want to say in Russian: I have an apple…. … The house of your friends is being sold for 200.000 dollars. Also, the Russian genitive case has a great deal of different ‘triggers’. We go over nouns, adjectives, pronouns (and all the possessive, demonstrative, interrogative and relative pronouns). This article will guide you exactly how to learn the genitive case in Russian. Here are some more examples of how the genitive case is used to negate something. It’s also possible to make comparisons with the word чем. The structures that require the GENITIVE CASE are numerous and of high frequency. Мы ждём новостей (genitive) – we are waiting for news. You must use the grammar concepts you learn while speaking to drill them down. Just like the Genitive Case of отец is отца (this is a rule called “the moving vowel rule”). I’ve also added many examples, since those are tremendously helpful if you want to get a solid understanding of the genitive case. That doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter any exceptions though . There is a word in Russian to say ‘to have’ (иметь), but it’s not used in the way English uses it. Don’t worry though. Also, the Russian genitive case has a great deal of different ‘triggers’. Yes, there is a lake and 7 high mountains around the house. No, that part is easy. Often, Russian people make mistakes as well with lesser known exceptions. Day 7 – 8: pick 2 adjectives and write them each for the following words: Day 9 – 11: create 10 different sentences every day, that involve the genitive case. Genitive Case – More Phrases. If you want to say “there is X”, you say есть Х. X should be in the nominative case. The person or thing that is the owner is put in the dative case. Not only do you need to think carefully HOW the words change, you also need to take into account WHEN you need the genitive case. I started learning Russian seriously in 2016, and run the YouTube channel Ари говорит по-русски where I practice my Russian speaking skills. My main tip is not to expect perfect mastery straight away, but to take things step by step, with plenty of immersion in Russian and practice. Day 14: check your knowledge here with this test. If you follow these steps, you can't go wrong. For example: The Russian genitive case is the scariest case in Russian. Russian has a ton of prepositions. But the genitive case has quite some exceptions, and generally just more forms and declensions than other cases. Here’s an overview for all the demonstrative pronouns in the Russian genitive case. It will amaze you. (0700g) Genitive case of … It also works to get a full overview of all the cases, though it may be a bit overwhelming or distracting to see cases you haven’t yet learned. (0690g) Russian-English Vocabulary. Join the Conversational Russian Blueprint. Just take a sheet of paper and copy the table on this page. Now I’ve got a complete new understanding of it! (0693g) Урок 6. In any case, these associations can provide some insight and help you work out an answer without having to memorise a million grammar rules. Day 12 – 13: read a short story every day. On Friday, the wheel of the bus became wide. has ), In general, Russian isn’t too much of an ‘exception’ language. That’s why I’m just going to give you an overview here. Especially the plural can be incredibly confusing. Here’s a short general overview of 80% of words how to form the genitive case in Russian: Looks like any other Russian case, right? On Saturday, he went to the largest lake in the country. Change the о or е for an а with neuter nouns. You don’t need a specific schedule when to look at it. If you are also interested to know about Russian culture, have you heard about the history of Russian circus and Russian ballet? if a masculine noun ends in a stressed й or ц, the ending becomes ев, instead of ов. Воскресенье – последний день недели, поэтому он пошел в дом своих друзей, чтобы играть. Luckily, they’re less difficult than the regular nouns. Check your knowledge of Russian grammar with our free online tests and quizzes for all levels! That means that you have less things to remember. A big mistake many people make once they encounter the genitive case for the first time, is that they try to learn everything at once. Another thing here is that some nouns can behave in both ways: Using the genitive case here is native level advanced though, so you’re better of saying the accusative with most of these verbs, unless it’s completely obvious it’s about something abstract. It’s another thing if you create a sentence that requires you to use the genitive case. Struggle with conversations in Russian? Here are some examples of Russian quantifiers: (Also, the number 1 behaves like an adjective in the nominative case. The Genitive case of Nouns (Singular) In this post, I'll focus on the Russian genitive case, including what it is, how it changes noun endings, and when to use it. And the noun after the comparison should be in the genitive case. Of X is nothing. If you do want a routine to quickly learn the genitive case completely you can follow the program below. An example is the masculine adjective for big: The biggest surprise comes with genitive feminine adjective. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. (0610g) хотеть, стоит/стоят, висит/висят, лежит/лежат. Learning Russian has changed my life for the better. How would you do this in Russian?. The Genitive Case of Russian Adjectives Formula. It’s a logical progression, since the accusative case is way easier. As there are quite some exceptions to these rules. Theory without practice is not worth anything. Learning Russian doesn't need to be difficult. Another example: the old oak tree has a sickness. Though there are some that can have a different case. Because those adjectives behave the same for the prepositional, dative, instrumental and genitive case. The key to learning a language is practice. Even if you don’t use any case at all and say for example: I want 5 hamburgers: The guy at the check out desk understands you perfectly well that you want 5 burgers. He didn’t do his English homework on Monday. See if you can see the similarities in the table below: Demonstrative pronouns are basically like adjectives (again). But they're not as scary as they seem. If you’re looking to get the genitive case down in your speech, the following 2 week program will help you a lot. Don’t worry though. Another instance when you should use the genitive case is after numbers, and quantifiers. There are also a lot of verbs that require the genitive case with it. That’s a lot of money. These videos prvide not only grammar rules, but also plenty of example and practice. In Russian language we have Genitive case in English this part of speech represents the preposition “of”. The elephant is smarter than the mosquito. The genitive is one of the most common case (apart from the basic nominative case) in Russian. Влад and яблоко are both in the genitive case. (0692g) Vocabulary Puzzle. Please log in again. People will still perfectly well understand you. And when feminine nouns that end in 2 consonants drop their last а, they often add an о or е for easy pronunciation: While speaking however, you barely notice the difference between the о or е, since it’s unstressed. Possessive pronouns in the Russian genitive case have a lot in common with the adjectives. You use it to demonstrate possession, with 10+ different prepositions, negation and ALSO numbers and quantifiers. (0700g) Genitive case of pronouns. House and furniture vocabulary. You have to learn quite some different rules for the genitive. And you're probably freaking out a bit about them! But when speaking, people will understand you even if you make mistakes in which genitive you use. Finally, I’ve added an effective roadmap and timeline that you can follow to improve the speed at which you will master the genitive case.

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