samsung galaxy a41 review

At the default graphics settings, these heavy titles are playable, but the frame rate dips often enough that one would rather not play them at all. FCC OKs Cingular's purchase of AT&T Wireless, Solid camera performance in good lighting conditions, The in-display fingerprint scanner is rather slow. Nothing surprising here – this is what you get in the lower mid-range segment when it comes to front camera performance. The plastic doesn’t feel cheap and fits right in in the A41’s price segment. However, with light to moderate use on Wi-Fi, the 3,500 mAh battery inside the A41 can usually last till the end of the day. Even though it theoretically has the resolution to pull-off 4K capture, the DSP inside the Helio P65 can't. The 'x: CIE31' and 'y: CIE31' values in the table below the chart indicate the position of each measurement on the chart. It’s got the same beautiful plastic back, with criss-cross lines that reflect light beautifully without going overboard. New: Sony Xperia 10 II review. 'Y' shows the luminance (in nits) of each measured color, while 'Target Y' is the desired luminance level for that color. The front camera Both the camera resolutions and the number of sensors has increased here, although the front camera is still a single 25MP sensor. iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini colors: all the available colors and which color should you get? The only thing that’s missing here is the more modern Infinity-O display you find on the Galaxy A51, but that may actually be a blessing for some, as the waterdrop notch tends to be less distracting than a hole in the screen. Delta E values of below 2 are ideal. However, gaming is a different matter altogether. The Samsung Galaxy A41 is not that capable as a video camera. The Color accuracy chart gives an idea of how close a display's measured colors are to their referential values. The beautiful AMOLED display is easy to handle with one hand, the performance is good as long as you don’t intend to play heavy games, the battery can often last a full day, and you get the latest Samsung software. Apple iPhone 12 Mini battery life test: how much worse? The earphones provided in the box are the cheapest ones Samsung has to offer (yes, this phone has a headphone jack), and you will need to opt for third-party alternatives for decent sound. The Samsung Galaxy A41 has arrived at our office and we are preparing to put it through our review gauntlet to find out if it’s a worthy buy. The software experience is more or less similar to the Galaxy A31’s, so you can read up on our A31 review to get an idea of what you’re getting with the Galaxy A41. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 review: Oh hey, it’s not a bad phone! Samsung Galaxy A41 measures 149.9 x 69.8 x 7.9mm and weighs just 152g. The Galaxy A41 comes in Prism Crush Black, Prism Crush White and Prism Crush Blue colors and we’ve received the black version, which shimmers rainbow colors from different angles. iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 vs Pixel 5: Camera Comparison, Apple A14 vs A13 vs Snapdragon 865 performance comparison, Apple iPhone 12 Pro/Max vs iPhone 11 Pro/Max, Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max battery life: all good except for this one thing. This is 1cm taller than the iPhone SE (2020) and the same footprint as the Mi 9 SE, which we considered as one … Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A41 therefore offers an excellent screen and, if color fidelity is not its strong point, it offers a vivid display, infinite contrast, with excellent brightness and a good level of detail. The gorgeous 6.1-inch Super AMOLED display can justify the €250 price tag alone, and then there’s the adequate camera system, the cool back panel, and the excellent battery life, despite the all-around slim waistline … The Galaxy A41 has a triple-camera on the back with a rather familiar arrangement - a high-res primary shooter, an ultrawide snapper, and a 5MP depth sensor. iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max colors: all the available colors and which color should you get? In regular use, the processor can keep things running smoothly for the most part, but apps usually take a tad longer than I’d like to open, especially when they weren’t already active in the background. The Grayscale accuracy chart shows whether a display has a correct white balance (balance between red, green and blue) across different levels of grey (from dark to bright). We may earn a commission if you make a purchase from the links on this page. If the T-Rex HD component of GFXBench is demanding, then the Manhattan test is downright gruelling. The optical in-display sensors Samsung was using last year were terrible and made us wish the company had stuck to physical readers instead. The Galaxy A41, like the Galaxy A31, is powered by the MediaTek Helio P65 chipset. Get the best Black Friday deals on mobile tech here! The blurring of the background is usually spot on, with only some issues around a person’s hair, as is the case with bokeh photos taken with even costlier phones. The Samsung Galaxy A41 is available in Prism Crush Black, Prism Crush Blue, and Prism Crush White. Get discount, collect point, rewards and much more! Samsung Galaxy M51 review: Great specs for the price, but limited soft... Samsung Galaxy M51 review: Great specs for the price, but limited software, Galaxy Z Fold 2 review: Big, bold, beautiful and everything in between. Best Samsung Phones in November 2020 – Picked by experts, Best Samsung Galaxy Tablets in November 2020, Samsung risks angering Christmas shoppers with early Galaxy S21 launch, PSA: Samsung DeX is amazing and I have no idea when that happened. The ultra-wide camera is adequate for the task on hand, which is capturing a wider scene. Portrait Displays' CalMAN calibration software. Needless to say, these phones don’t have all of the features Samsung offers on its flagship phones and even the Galaxy A51 or A71 (for example, you don’t get a screen recorder or Bixby Routines), but it’s still a pretty impeccable package for the asking price. The camera also misses out on slow motion, super slow-mo, and hyperlapse mode, just like the Galaxy A31, and I can only hope Samsung will stop being so stingy and bring those features to these devices with a software update. As we said in our Galaxy A31 review, this MediaTek chip is only good for simple games. All of Samsung’s new mid-range Galaxy A series phones have plenty to offer for all kinds of users, but the Galaxy A41 has a unique purpose. All of Samsung's new midsize Galaxy A series mobiles have lots to provide for all types of users, but the Samsung Galaxy A41 64GB has an exceptional function. Finally, 'ΔE 2000' is the Delta E value of the measured color. Power users will need to find the charger by early evening, especially if there’s a lot of gaming and mobile data use involved. The Galaxy A lineup has enjoyed a warm reception over the past two years. Weekly SamMobile Quiz 52 – Come test your Samsung knowledge! You get a slightly larger display, a fingerprint sensor buried underneath the screen instead of being located at the back, more rear cameras, a battery with around 17% higher capacity, and the latest Samsung One UI software. How is the image quality? The Galaxy A41 is an excellent compact mid-ranger, and if you don’t like big phones and don’t wish to spend on the flagship Galaxy S20 or last year’s Galaxy S10e, the A41 will serve you well. It manages to hide its simple origins under some clever design ideas and offers an excellent package for the price. The Galaxy A40’s 3,100 mAh battery was inadequate for heavy users, and the A41 is only slightly better in that regard. The A41 is … iPhone 12 with Unlimited plan from MintMobile. It's a GPU-centric test that simulates an extremely graphically intensive gaming environment that is meant to push the GPU to the max. that simulates a graphically-intensive gaming environment on the screen. It doesn’t help that there is no dedicated Night mode on the A41, so you have to make do with what you get in the automatic shooting mode, which is usually a lot of noise and a notable lack of detail. have plenty to offer for all kinds of users, Excellent Super AMOLED display gets balance right between screen size and compactness, Poor performance in heavy games like PUBG and Call of Duty, Camera lacks shooting modes like Night and slow-motion, Cheap earphones in the box, speaker not very loud, Fast and accurate optical in-display fingerprint reader, Good non-gaming performance for the price. The Super AMOLED display, which has a resolution of 2400 by 1080 pixels, is as good as it gets for a sub-€300 phone. Nighttime pictures with sufficient artificial lighting are also good, but low-light performance leaves something to be desired. The Galaxy A40 was a fine balancing act in that regard, and Samsung has made just enough changes with the Galaxy A40 to justify calling it an upgrade. It’s also impressive that Samsung is now offering in-display fingerprint readers at lower prices. Review Samsung Galaxy A41: it has everything, including a defect VOTE 7.4. Lively colors, excellent brightness levels, and deep blacks make for a great viewing experience. Playing PUBG or Call of Duty is not a great experience. A Sometimes Frustrant User Experience : The 6.1-inch Samsung Galaxy A41 mid-range smartphone is the successor of the Galaxy A40 and scores with good equipment. Detail isn’t great when you take selfies indoors in artificial lighting, and low-light results are rather noisy and soft.

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