sequoia bonsai from seed

I’d like to keep it indoors. Hey Steve, Remove the coast redwoods from under the fluorescent light when they are six months old. I have a giant sequoia seedling that I want to eventually turn into a bonsai. Place the seeds inside a 1-quart plastic bag filled with lightly … Place them in a warm, sunny location that receives at least six hours of sunlight exposure per day. Maybe it didn’t know which direction to grow toward the sun..? 3. What soil mix did you use when it was shallow potted, and what climate are you in? They require a cold period in order to go through their dormant phase for around 3 months a year – read this article for more info:, Your email address will not be published. hey thanks steve-really enjoy your site- i think anyone interested in the subject would feel the same-nice work. I am new to bonsai care, so I’m trying to learn as much as possible until it’s time to transfer my tree. Water the seeds lightly with a spray bottle or mister until each cell's soil is damp. wow the young sequoia is very unique in appearance-nice job-hows it doin now-any pics-totally curious. Hi Henry, I think the outward growth of the branches is a result of the way that it was started in a small pot indoors with relatively little direct sunlight. Giant Sequoias are the world’s largest trees in terms of total volume. Remove the seeds from the filtered water, and place them in a plastic, self-sealing bag. Hi! Hi Chris, Hi Mike – the sequoia is doing great now. They have an extremely fast growth rate and tolerate inadequate growing conditions for extended periods of time. But it recovered pretty good after 6 months. Soak the desired amount of coast redwood seeds in filtered water in a small Petri dish for 24 hours. Supplement sunlight with a fluorescent light source 2 or more feet above the starter-cell packs. Test the soil temperature with a soil thermometer. Planted her on top of a tile in the ground to induce rapid trunk development and surface roots. Everything on here is from 2 years ago. Fill starter-cell packs to the brim with a sterile soil-less potting mix. Use pruning shears for that task. Air-layering is also possible. Giant Sequoias are the world’s largest trees in terms of total volume. This cold process is known as naked prechilling. Dannielle Doyle is an award-winning horticulturalist and garden writer whose work has appeared in publications such as the "Bryan Times" newspaper, the "San Francisco Chronicle" and "Green Profits" magazine. In my experience they grow up then fill out and repeat this cycle. They grow to an average height of 165-280 ft and 18-24 ft in diameter. While I love the bonsai look, my end goal is to have a 2-4 foot potted tree. Doyle is a certified Ohio State University master gardener and holds a degree in landscape technologies. Allow the soil to drain before you water it again, keeping the soil moist at all times while the seeds germinate and the plants grow. Remove the seeds from the filtered water, and place them in a plastic, self-sealing bag. Seal the bag, and set it in... 3. Cheers! 1; U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service. growing box. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Soil-less potting mixes are less susceptible than soil-based mixes to soil-borne diseases and other contaminates. Propagation: Redwoods (both Metasequoia bonsai and Sequoia bonsai) can be propagated from seed and cuttings. Hi Josh, 2. I’ll add a new picture when I have a chance. Would really love to see how you’ve built up on that pre bonsai and what it looks like today. The tree will survive for a little while indoors, but ultimately needs to be outdoors. Considering putting it in the ground for more rapid growth. How to Grow Coast Redwood Bonsai from Seeds 1. I did the root pruning at the end of January. Homesteading in Marin County, CA (sorta). Place the Petri dish in a location away from direct sunlight. 3/27/11. any new development on that sequoia? (Is it necessary?) 1/23/11 - here are some pics I took after it came out of the box I built I trimmed the roots before deciding to put it the ground.

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