should i remove popcorn ceiling

Deciding to remove a popcorn ceiling is tricky, however, because of the possibility of asbestos. The reason why they became so popular? Here are some reasons why you may want to remove it. Painting your ceiling should be done in a two-step process. If your ceiling was installed before then, it’s very likely that it contains the substance. © HomeLight, Inc. 100 1st Street, Suite 2600, San Francisco, CA 94105. Popcorn ceilings are an eyesore that can completely ruin a home`s market potential. Top 3 LED Under Cabinet Lighting For Your Kitchen, Does Your Drywall Need Water Damage Repair? Anything that can’t be moved, cover with a plastic tarp. That said, the value gained by removing a popcorn ceiling does increase considering buyers’ expectations for homes of a certain size and in a certain price range. First, remember that removing a popcorn ceiling is a really dirty job. One of the biggest reasons popcorn ceilings are encouraged to be removed is that they are outdated. Paint can prevent the texture from absorbing water, which is necessary to loosen the material. You don’t have to deal with a dated ceiling, you can replace it and get a fresh whole look for your home. As well as having polish and dust your furniture, you’ve got to take a broom or brush and dust the ceilings, too. Builders in the mid-1990s discovered that popcorn … Believe it or not, there are multiple factors to consider when deciding if you should remove your popcorn ceiling. No matter how hard you work at maintaining it, eventually it will start to disintegrate. Thanks to the bumpy surface, light bounces off it and causes some harsh shadows in the room. It’s all thanks to the fact that they hide so many sins. That’s expensive and time consuming, when all you want to do is repair the damage. Another artful way to conceal the ceiling is using tin, wood, aluminum, faux tin, or copper tiles. For a modern rustic look, the experts at recommend shiplap, historically made of wood boards stacked horizontally on top of one another to make a surface watertight. We've spoken to top-performing agents and compiled a complete stress-free walkthrough to help you navigate each step of the process. If you’re tired of looking up at lumps and bumps, there’s good news. It’s less than ideal when you’re trying to create a relaxed atmosphere in the room with the popcorn ceiling, and so you may want to remove it. If your ceiling tests positive for asbestos, expect to pay $3 to $7 per square foot, or up to $2,750 in additional fees, depending on the size of the space and the extent of the problem. As the years passed, the truth about acoustic ceilings started to emerge, and it was shocking. Ready to sell your house? If your popcorn ceiling is covered in paint, it may be more difficult to remove. Asbestos was used for decades in a variety of building construction materials, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but has been banned in various products from 1973 through 1990. Unfortunately, these ceilings already took over in popularity by the time these facts came out. These include: It’s true that in many cases, popcorn ceilings were created with asbestos. No matter how careful you are, accidents happens: The problem with a popcorn ceiling though is that you can’t really patch it up, not without redoing the whole ceiling to match. There is a dent, hole or mark on the ceiling. To cover a popcorn ceiling, you’ll need to knock off any large low-hanging pieces and apply a multi-surface primer and sealer such as Kilz Klear (about $19 a gallon) to provide a clean surface for the tile’s glue, such as Loctite adhesive (about $5 to $10 per tube). Valerie Kalfrin is a multiple award-winning journalist, film and fiction fan, and creative storyteller with a knack for detailed, engaging stories. If again, you’re not able to remove the ceiling right now, you can simply freshen it up with a coat of paint. For a home of about 1,400 square feet costing about $200,000, he estimates an added value of about $2,500—essentially, close to what a homeowner might put into the project. This is done by taping the joins between the sheets of drywall, and ‘mudding’ the gap with a joint compound. Because of its “crater-like surfaces,” it also casts harsh shadows, making rooms appear smaller. They are Outdated. You also can spray water onto a small portion of the area and remove a sample without scraping. “If buyers are already paying high or near highest prices with or without popcorn, then why spend money correcting something the market does not dictate requires correction?” Ford said. Why purchase something older that needs fixing when they can buy something in a new subdivision with new amenities for the same price? The problem is, homeowners in the midst of preparing a house for sale often don’t have the inclination to tackle this project because of the debris. There are quite a large amount of issues that come with textured ceilings. Any popcorn ceiling installed before 1980 might contain asbestos—a known cause of lung cancer. First, always test for asbestos before attempting DIY popcorn ceiling removal (use of asbestos in textured paint and in patching compounds used on wall and ceiling joints was banned in 1977).You can use an EPA-approved test kit sold in home improvement stores or have a professional come test the ceiling … Should asbestos be found, you don’t want to pull down the ceiling yourself. Schutte estimates that removing a popcorn ceiling would add $25,000 to $35,000 in value for a large estate executive home. If your popcorn ceiling is already damaged and you’re concerned about asbestos, the EPA advises consulting with a trained asbestos professional, who can test for the substance and work with you on removing it. Removing a popcorn ceiling is a fairly easy and affordable DIY project that just requires some time and muscle. Even so, if your home was built before the late 1980s, the spray-on texture used to create your popcorn ceiling may have contained asbestos. Fresh paint makes a popcorn ceiling less porous, so it’s less prone to collecting dust. Everyone loves popcorn at the movies—but seeing that fluffy texture on a ceiling? Keeping your home clean is a challenge on its own. 19 High-ROI Improvements Buyers Love, Unsolved Mysteries: 9 Ways to Find the History of a Property Online, The 6 Best Methods for Finding a Rent-to-Own Home, Best of The Walkthrough: Our Must-Listen Highlights from 2020, Winterization: The Complete 35-Point Checklist To Get Your Home Ready For Winter. Have you done everything to make that room look modern and inviting, but the popcorn ceiling is affecting it? If you really want to make life easier for yourself, you’ll have to replace the whole ceiling and get rid of that popcorn effect. Chipped and peeling paint can stop your new buyers’ financing in its tracks.”. Before you roll up your sleeves and grab the putty knife and protective goggles, you should weigh whether the cost of removal is worth it given the time, cost, and potential health risk. Do you want to remove or patch a popcorn ceiling? As dated as it is, there are both pros and cons to having it in your home. The average homeowner spends about $1,675 nationwide. Spraying on a popcorn effect instead is much easier, and hides all kinds of imperfections. Popcorn ceilings have many names, from textured and stucco ceiling, to cottage cheese ceiling. (The cost of such testing varies widely by square foot, although hazardous materials contractors do offer free estimates). Selling the Impossible: How to Win Expired Listings and Become a Referral Machine, 12 Final Walkthrough Tips and Hacks — So You Stay Sane and Don’t Miss a Thing, top performing real estate agent in Des Moines, tin, wood, aluminum, faux tin, or copper tiles. When decorating a room, you need to take a look at it from every angle.

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