skywatcher dobsonian 10 review

Its accessories? Lightweight, portable design Sky-Watcher’s range of Heritage telescopes are designed to be highly portable and uncomplicated to set up, ideally on a tabletop where they can be placed so the eyepiece is accessible. Jupiter will show its many stripes, The Great Red Spot, and its 4 Galilean Moon’s. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Thankfully SkyWatcher used Teflon bearings with the base instead of Nylon in contrast to the XT10. Our picks for the best Dobsonian telescopes are SkyWatcher S11820 GoTo Collapsible Dobsonian, Zhumell Z8 and Orion 10019 SkyQuest XT10i Telescope. But other than that, everything feels cheap. Our top pick is the SkyWatcher S11820 GoTo Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope that offers the convenience and affordability of the traditional Dobsonian with the convenience of a computerized Go-To telescope. The balancing issue can be solved with additional weights attached to the optical tube, but it is not an ideal solution. It doesn’t go well with a Dobsonian. For watching deep-sky objects such as galaxies and nebulas, a Dobsonian-style telescope is used. Not so much. The focuser must work properly, the base should be butter-smooth, and the accessories that come with it should be somewhat pleasing. This is not smart. Deep space performance is mesmerizing out of the box. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. /* Right Banner 2 */ But there is also the fact that SkyWatcher 10″ is 100$ cheaper. The planetary performance of SkyWatcher 10″ is average at best with the 10mm eyepiece that comes with the telescope. The title for best dobsonian telescope for sale today goes to the Sky-Watcher 10” Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope. They don’t nearly provide the potential of SkyWatcher 10″. The finder is a flat 8×50. SkyWatcher 10″ is definitely better than the XT10, but if you can get the Z10, get it. The optics of SkyWatcher 10″ are the same as any other 10″ Dob. A 10″ Dobsonian should be perfect. I believe that Sky-Watcher’s effort to create a new type of collapsible tube was a success. This telescope stands out not only because of its fantastic quality, beautiful mirror, and rave reviews from satisfied customers, but because it solves the greatest weakness of the dobsonian … A 253mm gathers so much light, it is impossible for it to provide any kind of low-quality image in any area. A good reflector telescope is one which is sturdy and works well for a long period of time. The focuser doesn’t feel as good as those that come with other 10″ Dobs. ©TelescopesToBuy, 2020 A few customers had slight issues and got the wrong size but the customer service seemed to not respond properly. The focal ratio is f.5 whereas the focuser used in this scope is basically the Crayford-style focuser which is 2 inches in size and comes with a 1.25 inches adaptor. In such a case, we recommend you get it from directly and not from manufacturer’s website. Sky-Watcher 10 Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope Image, Easy to transport due to collapsible tube design, Viewfinder helps in easy spotting of objects. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-8189442757883926"; Experienced astronomers who recommend the SkyWatcher 10″ Dob already have high-quality accessories to upgrade the telescope. This Sky-Watcher 10 Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope Review is one of the many telescope and astronomy related articles and reviews found here on Astronimus. It has a low-hassle OTA design which is not only simple, but also gives maximum light for viewing objects. Check Amazon for the latest discounts and promotions on what many view as one of the best telescopes out there. Mercury and Pluto will look like tiny dots. A 90-degree finder or a Telrad would be much better. Saturn will show its rings easily distinguishable from the planet with some color, The Cassini Division, its many moons, and its largest moon Titan as a disk. Thankfully, all the problems of SkyWatcher 10″ are upgradable. It is smoother and more durable. Large aperture – Because of its large aperture and better optics Skywatcher, 12-inch Dobsonian performs extremely well in … It is expectedly heavy but easily carried without the optical tube attached. A Dobsonian style telescope is quite different from the design of a regular telescope, but has the same function. The Sky-Watcher 10 Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope can be easily handled by one individual which makes it easy to transport as well. A 10″ Dobsonian should be perfect. It is expectedly heavy but easily carried without the optical tube attached. Check Amazon for the best prices, discounts and promotions on the Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope by clicking on the exclusive link below. In this SkyWatcher 6 review we’ll go over the pros, cons and other important features that the system has so that you can make an informed decision on whether this beginner level telescope is for you or one that you should skip out on. Although the fundamentals of this telescope are superb, the accessories ruin the whole experience. Teflon is vastly superior to Nylon in every way. The moons will appear as colorful disks instead of dots. Get it from if you feel this is the right one for you! Again, Z10 is superior in this area with movable bearings. The eyepieces, the focuser, the finder… It is an awesome telescope, but the Z10 is so much better you can’t help but feel a little disappointed. SkyWatcher 10″ is essentially a light bucket, delightful for nebulas, galaxies, and star clusters. Overall, this is a nice grab-and-go setup, a simple to use tabletop Dobsonian that can fire the imagination and provide decent views of a wide range of targets. The tensioners on the sides have a simple design. Deep space performance is better than planetary out of the box. With a Skywatcher 10” Dobsonian, you’ll become more than an observer of the cosmos; you will actively participate in finding objects and feel the excitement of discovery. Having mentioned all the features above and the positive points, we can conclude that yes the Sky-Watcher 10 Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope can be considered as a fair Dobsonian scope for the price being asked. The heritage is a Newtonian reflector which has a mirror diameter of 76mm and a 300mm focal length . The mount of SkyWatcher 10″ is nothing special. Be ready to spend around 70-120$ for additional eyepieces. SkyWatcher 10″‘s optics are perfection. But there is also the fact that SkyWatcher 10″ is 100$ cheaper. The 1.25″ adapter that comes with it is loose and makes it incredibly hard to focus at high magnifications with 1.25″ eyepieces. Bearings of Z10, though, feel better than SkyWatcher’s Teflon. google_ad_height = 250; They will look sensational despite the atmospheric conditions. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Theme by, Orion SkyQuest XT10 Review: Hoped for Better, Zhumell Z12/Apertura AD12 Dobsonian Review: Insanity. Of course, differently priced telescopes will always be in the market, but they shouldn’t let you down with their vital parts.

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