smallest freshwater aquarium fish

The smallest freshwater Stingrays are mottled Stingray, Scobina, hystrix, and mosaic Stingray. This tiny freshwater creature is extremely colorful and quite interesting to watch in an aquarium, which is precisely why it is a favorite amidst several hobbyists. Smallest possible fish for a 7 gallon? Anyway: The Roseline shark reaches up to 6 inches (15.2 centimeters) upon maturity, classifying it as one of the smallest shark pets suitable for freshwater … I'm thinking about eventually setting up a bookshelf aquarium (gift for my mom) and I was wondering if there are actually any fish I could have in it. . So I'd prefer getting the name of the fish only, not random information about them. Stingray is unique to all aquarium fish because it is very similar to a shark. If you plan to set up your own freshwater aquarium, you’ll need the best fish to put inside it. I don't actually have plans on buying whatever fish are said and if I did I'd research them myself. May 1, 2012 - Some of the tiniest freshwater fish out there, for tanks 10 gallons and under. Most common variety is the Blue Paradise. What are the smallest freshwater aquarium fish? Can live without aeration. For a long while, the only small container available to house fish was a bowl. One of the smallest fish in the world. See more ideas about freshwater fish, fish, aquarium fish. 25 Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish Species. Not as common as other livebearers in the aquarium trade. When the genus was first described, these fish were classified as the smallest adult vertebrates to inhabit freshwater, and it’s easy to see why. Small tanks and micro-filters could be had by those willing to track them down, but for the average consumer, there were few choices. Danios come in different sizes and shapes and the celestial pearl danio is one of the smallest in this group. Disclosure: I earn a small commission when you purchase products through my affiliate links – read more. Small Freshwater Fish for a Mini-Aquarium. Keeping fish at home is a hobby practiced by millions of people around the world. When I thought about it, the two smallest that came to mind were the Dwarf Puffer and Neon Tetra(and other tetra types of that size of course). Roseline Sharks are also one of these unique freshwater fish with vivid color patterns on their bodies (click the link to see more such fish). Each of these species barely grow half an inch long, with the largest specimen documented reaching a mere 0.55 inches. Stingray is not as hardy as most other fish; hence it is essential to treat them with care. There is a significant variation in the sizes of different types of Stingray. Tanganyika killifish: Lamprichthys tanganicanus: Not actually a type of killifish but a livebearer. This article will help you learn about the best freshwater aquarium fish … ... One of the few freshwater aquarium fish that survive in cold water. These fish should not be housed alone but instead in groups of 4 to 6 fish.

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