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Smartphone users scan the QR Code which automatically takes them to the webpage the QR Code came from. Smilacina racemosa f. foliosa Vict. Moist coniferous and deciduous woods, clearings and bluffs[43, 60, 187], preferring shaded streamsides[159]. Plants take a few years to become established[208]. N. America - British Columbia to Nova Scotia, south to Georgia and Missouri. Please note that a plant may be invasive in one area but may not in your area so it’s worth checking. If you think a comment/link or information contained on this page is inaccurate or misleading we would welcome your feedback at [email protected] Flowers have six tepals, reduced to four in M. canadense, M. bifolium and M. dilatatum. * Please note: the comments by website users are not necessarily those held by PFAF and may give misleading or inaccurate information. Some common names for Smilacina plants include False Spikenard and … They bloom at the start of summer. For polyculture design as well as the above-ground architecture (form - tree, shrub etc. Its blooms actually will grow larger with more light. Hardy to about -20°c[200]. Smilacina rossii (Baker) Maximowicz; Smilacina salvinii Hemsley; Stored seed should be sown in a cold frame as soon as possible, it may take 2 years or longer to germinate. * Updates on new information & functionality of the website & database The fruit is smaller than a pea but is produced in quite large terminal clusters on the plant and so is easy to harvest. It has a delicious bitter-sweet flavour, suggesting bitter molasses[85, 183]. Fruit - raw, cooked or made into jellies and molasses[2, 46, 55, 85, 102, 183]. If you have important information about this plant that may help other users please add a comment or link below. Smartphone users quickly have information on a plant directly for the website on their phone. Smilacina racemosa var. 26 Page 206,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 20:14. Moisture: D = dry M = Moist We = wet Wa = water. A former latin name is Smilacina racemosa. [5], Because of genetic similarity, similar fruits, and evidence that the 4-tepal species evolved from a 6-tepal species, the genus Smilacina was combined with Maianthemum in the late 20th century. pH: A = acid N = neutral B = basic (alkaline). It is widespread across much of North America, Europe and Asia. The young shoots, as they emerge in spring, can be cooked and used as an asparagus substitute[55, 85, 102, 159, 183]. We are working on a subset of plants in the PFAF database identified as having the most potential for inclusion in such designs. Only comments or links that are felt to be directly relevant to a plant will be included. It is widespread across much of North America, Europe and Asia. nom. The flowers have a gentle sweet perfume[245]. Division in spring or early autumn. This species can be separated into two sub-species, S. racemosa racemosa being found in the east of the range whilst S. racemosa amplexicaule is found in the west[270]. We will not sell or share your email address. If you have questions about a plant please use the Forum on this website as we do not have the resources to answer questions ourselves. (L.)Link. Countries where the plant has been found are listed here if the information is available. is a synonym of Maianthemum racemosum (L.) Link, Vagnera racemosa. Maianthemum racemosum. Smilacina racemosa is a PERENNIAL growing to 1 m (3ft 3in) by 0.6 m (2ft). Grow the seedlings on in a shady part of a greenhouse for their first year without pricking them out, giving them liquid or foliar feeds as required to ensure that they do not become nutrient deficient. QR Codes are barcodes that can be read by mobile phone (smartphone) cameras. Divide the young plants up into individual pots in the autumn when they are dormant, and grow them on for at least another year in a shady part of the greenhouse.

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