solid mahogany concert ukulele

Required fields are marked *, Be the first to review “KIWAYA KPC-1M SOLID MAHOGANY CONCERT”. 2014. $199.99 + $14.95 Shipping. It’s really lovely and the uke is very responsive to both fingerstyle and strumming. More important than any of that though – it sounds amazing. Ebony fingerboard and bridge Cort UKEBWCOP All Solid Concert Ukulele. The benefit with all solid wood instruments is a richer, more resonant sound that gets better as it is played more and worn in over time. World of … I’d describe the sound as warm but with excellent projection – almost like an old vintage instrument that has opened up. Constructed with solid mahogany throughout the sides, back, neck, and top, the KA-SMHC features a distinctly drier character that plays nicely with the natural pluck of a ukulele. 199.00. 199.00. This concert has a very warm, classic tone that pleases the ears. Mint. Sales. Ohana CK-35 All Solid Mahogany Concert Ukulele . Sonically even and balanced-tone with a bite when needed. The All Solid Mahogany line has been a tried and true series in Kala's ukulele family. Solid mahogany back and sides Gotoh Geared Tuners Watch this listing to get price drop alerts . With solid mahogany top or spruce top or cedar top. HARRISONVILLE, MO, United States. LEHO offers an extremely WIDE range of options for this series. Mahogany continues to be used despite it being harder to find and more expensive. The EUC-MS is a double bout concert in a curvy modern style with an attractive rounded lower bout, very much in the same layout and look as their HPL models. Enya EUC-X2K Solid Acacia Top Concert Ukulele. Quick Responder. 189.00. The ALL SOLID Mahogany ukulele by Lanikai delivers dynamic new features such as a wider nut for player comfort, select quality wood, open back tuners, wood marquetry, NuBone XB® nut and saddle, D’Addario® strings, glossy finish, a foam case and a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Add to Cart. Snail BH-1C Spalted Maple Concert Ukulele. Snail BH-2C Mango Concert Ukulele. Quick Shipper. 189.00. Solid mahogany top This solid mahogany concert from the Kala company is patterned after the classic Martin mahogany concert ukulele. 209.00. … Your email address will not be published. As low as $18/month with. Kiwaya, known for their meticulous finishing and resonant builds have taken the same concepts used for their Martin-esque builds and applied it to a more Hawaiian style ukulele. The Kala KA-SMHC Solid Mahogany Concert Ukulele infuses a robust body style with a favorite tone wood of contemporary players for big tone in a little package. Message Seller. Ohana CK-28 NUNES Style All Solid Premium Mahogany Concert Ukulele w/ Bag -Blem. Learn more. Kala truly did an excellent job with this SMH line. The mahogany is superb with really lovely classic mahogany figuring. Worth Brown strings 37mm Nut width. It is so meticulously built as well, as you’d expect from Kiwaya, but with the most perfect Kanile’a-esque high gloss. 4,441. It's made from two pieces of solid mahogany each on the top, back and sides and whilst it must be said that it is not the most striking mahogany in the world, it is decently book-matched. Snail RT-C Stained Mahogany Concert Ukulele. Details. It's not solid wood at all, and its certainly not from Hawaii - it's made in China. Category: Concert ukuleles Tags: KIWAYA, Kiwaya KPC-1m ukulele, Kiwaya mahogany concert ukulele, Kiwaya strummer series ukulele, KIWAYA UKULELE, kiways ukulele, The uke room Description Reviews (0) The edges are smoothed so it just feels so nice to hold. The ukulele is an extremely generic looking concert scale instrument made from laminate mahogany throughout the body. It really is an incredible uke. Shipped From. Butler Music. This model is made from all solid mahogany. Positioned as one of the most popular woods among exacting ukulele players, LEHO's all solid mahogany back and sides series must be on your list of ukuleles "to try" before making any purchase. 219.00. sale. 8000+ Joined Reverb. Preferred Seller. And I say generic looking because at a glance it looks extremely similar to the Kala KA-C, Lanikai LU-21C and the No it's not a "Solid Best Hawaii Vintage Ukulele" by any means. The ‘strummer’ range by Kiwaya are seriously good. Watch. This full-scale concert-size mahogany travel ukulele is fitted with premium appointments and tonewoods to deliver optimal tone and playability for ukulele players on-the go. Enya EUC-MAD Blue Solid Mahogany Concert Ukulele. Category: Concert ukuleles Tags: KIWAYA, Kiwaya KPC-1m ukulele, Kiwaya mahogany concert ukulele, Kiwaya strummer series ukulele, KIWAYA UKULELE, kiways ukulele, The uke room Description Reviews (0) 209.00. The J-uke TM is made with a premium grade solid mahogany top and engineered mahogany back and sides with sitka bracing. Your email address will not be published. And don’t let the name deceive you – these work beautifully for fingerstyle too.

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