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Related Searches: less. At its price point literally no studio big or small should be without one of these! this is a fantastic mic. Power requirement: Supplied Power Supply (SPT3) 110/220. ($14.99 - $699.00) Find great deals on the latest styles of Studio projects microphone. The Studio Projects T3 vacuum tube mic is based on classic 1950's era designs, combined with present day technological refinements. For awhile the T3 was my go-to magic on acoustic archtop guitars (a few feet back). go to youtube and listen to 'as the rush comes' by motorcycle (Gabriel & Dresden). Related products available now: Many microphone manufacturers on today's market bring microphones in from Asia with their brand name on it. the T3 on the other hand, had a familiar family tone, but a little less sibilant and had loads of 'air'- something all my other mics lacked. With a complete set of B&K electro-acoustic measuring instruments, a first class anechoic chamber, and a high level testing facility, Studio Projects microphones are manufactured at the highest standards available. The T3 is a variable pattern vacuum tube (valve) condenser microphone. on some sources it was better than my tlm103... with a lttle tweaking to get rid of the sibilance though. Talk to a Sound Pure Sales Specialist Today. Coronavirus Update: We Are Here! Opening the Fed Ex package. The TB1 is the absolute stand alone value in it's price class comparing to models costing as much as $3,000.00. firstly, as other reviewers have stated, the C1 has the very bright, bold but over-sibilant sound that some love or hate. most forum reviewers that try a budget mic like this are using a budget pre. The Studio Projects T3 vacuum tube mic is based on classic 1950’s era designs, combined with present day technological refinements. of course they also had the usual suspects- neumann etc... but the sp mics were no slouch. it just has THAT sound. i really coundnt believe the asking price back then, just incredible. i also own a telefunken copperhead and neumann tlm103 so thats all i can compare the c3 to. Not that the product is bad, but no one wants to be tricked! You need to know this. Also a serious vocal mic, the T3 will please even the most discerning ears. While the sound of the T3 suggests the top-caliber pro studio staples, the price … female vocals? The first thing I see is a well-printed catalog of Studio Projects … We're all about this microphone, so feel free to give us a call to chat about it! so anyone looking for a cheaper version of a neumann will be very happy indeed! The T3 provides warm transparent sound associated with large capsule tube microphones and it is the absolute stand-alone value in its price class. Great deals on Pro Audio Equipment. With shipping, the total was $223. Studio Projects is active on Gearslutz, they listen to us, and they make awesome products at studio musician prices. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Compare prices & save money on Musical Instrument Microphones. Is something wrong with me. All Rights Reserved. if its old skool rock and blues look elsewhere, this aint the mic for you. if you are like me and work on pop, dance or anything electronic etc you are gonna looooove this guy. However, Project Plan 3 always gives you the latest version of Project. The Studio Projects T3 vacuum tube mic is based on classic 1950's era designs, combined with present day technological refinements. The Studio Projects line, distributed by PMI in the U.S., now offers a number of Chinese-made, 1-inch diaphragm mic models for different budgets. i used male and female vocalists to see what the T3 was up against. Well, that is a good question so let's address it. The T3 doesn't get as much talk-time as the C3 on Gearslutz but it is a strong contender for the best mic that Studio Projects makes. $209 was the price of the mic. When we first received the Studio Projects T3's into stock, they were viewed as a sort of joke. Project Professional has a perpetual licence – once activated, the software will not expire. When compared, the T3 stands up extremely well. so i had a few budget mics i could compare the t3 mic with. © Sound Pure LLC 2020. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at pros. cons. Want to visit? they used the T3 on that track. It is a versatile microphone with abundant applications in the studio from pianos and strings to guitar cabinets and saxophones. Related Searches: studio projects t3, studio projects lsm more. summary. The high frequency detail was really nice and there was a little compression going on that helped glue everything together. As part of the AWS Free Tier, you can get started with Amazon SageMaker for free.If you have never used Amazon SageMaker before, for the first two months, you are offered a monthly free tier of 250 hours of t2.medium or t3.medium notebook usage with on-demand notebook instances or t3.medium instances with SageMaker Studio … We know as much as about mics as any microphone company out there with the exception of what we charge for them. It is a versatile microphone with abundant applications in the studio from pianos and strings to guitar cabinets and saxophones. it has a lovely sheen that reeks modern, pro and lush. Contact us to set your appointment! Even though it is a tube mic, it has a really clear top end that works with darker amps, acoustic instruments and voices. Suggestions. Smooth, natural sound quality. Project … the transformer inside was very odd, on investigation it is apparently a custom 'humbucker' component... wow! through expensive preamps they really shone. After all, PMI Audio Group knows good sound and by bringing Studio Projects in directly without the added middleman stepping all over the product, we can make them very affordable. Affordable. There is no better value on today's market at any price, and the TB1 is so affordable, every professional and project studio … when my C1 and T3 arrived (both mk.2 versions) the first thing i did was ditch the crappy isolation mounts and use my rycote invision usm mount (worth every penny- buy one!) They are completely serious about making quailty mics everyone can afford. However, when we facilitated an actual microphone shootout where the T3 literally beat out and held it's own against a stunning list of competetive products costing in some cases 10 times its price, we were completely blown away. We use an outstanding capsule based on a 1950's German design, but we have made it sonically better due to advanced manufacturing techniques. Our mics are every bit as good or better at a fraction of the cost you would pay for a world class German microphone. Pattern control is variable between omni directional, wide cardioid, cardioid, supercardioid, hypercardioid and figure of eight via a nine-position switch located on the front of the remote power supply (SPT3). Acoustic and Archtop Instruments, Amps, & Accessories, Acoustic and Electric Drums, Percussion, & Accessories, Studio Projects C1 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, Lauten Audio LA-220 FET Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, Miktek C1 Cardioid Large Diaphragm FET Condenser Microphone, Avantone CK-7 Large Diaphragm FET Multi-Pattern Condenser, Avantone CV-12 Multi-Pattern Tube LDC Microphone. I've never been treated so well by a company. i first came across studio projects mics a few years ago when i did some sessions in a pro studio. In this video we present a budget friendly FET vocal microphone shootout using the Lauten LA-220, the Studio Projects C1, the Miktek C1, and the Avantone CK-7. Also a serious vocal mic, the T3 will please even the most discerning ears. my rode classic started to look a little sad. shop by categories. This is unquestionably the finest microphone value on the market today. We Are Shipping! sp t3 - killer bang for buck mic for any studio! The core features of the two products are identical when initially purchased. i highly recommend a decent pre to complement it however. A hand selected 6072 "dual triode" vacuum tube is used for its low noise, sonic characteristic and reliability. Can you tell which one's which? The line includes the cardioid-only C1 ($299), three-pattern C3 ($499) and the three-pattern, tube T3 ($799). The microphone has a nice smooth, but boosted high end, and is very warm throughout its range. Impressive anywhere you'd want to use a vintage AKG C12 (that's what they were going after when they made this thing), the microphone is especially well suited for vocals, and more specifically female vox. You wont find real cool new ?buzz? Item selected is discontinued (details below). but it should be enough. try a C1 through something decent in a well treated space. If you get close to it, you can get that big huge warm tube tone, but i loved it for the bright and detailed mids and highs. Perhaps the best Tube microphone value on the market today! As a result of uncompromising dedication and advanced production capabilities, Studio Projects will continue to broaden the range of quality pro audio microphones & electronics for today's recording environment.

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