suguna chicken contract farming

This model protects and retains the interests of both the farmer and the integrator. Pioneering the poultry integration or contract farming model, Suguna’s presence is well established in 18 States across the country. Suguna, being the pioneer in broiler integration and contract farming aspires to disseminate scientific knowledge and techniques to the farming community and aspiring entrepreneurs by imparting education in the most conducive environment through a well structured curriculum. Suguna’s focus and its vast experience in the field of poultry operations brings you in-depth expertise and professionalism. With this vision Suguna Institute of Poultry Management was established in 2012 under the aegis of Suguna Foundation. The integrated / contract farming model is gaining significant amount of popularity and acceptance among poultry farmers. Pioneered by Suguna Poultry way back in 1984, the Indian poultry farmers today find great relief and satisfaction in this model.

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