taylor academy vs gs mini

This is a welcome change compared to the plastic you would find on most other beginner guitars. The GS Mini’s magnificent pristine beauty compels any well-seasoned guitar lover’s appreciation, for both the melodic resonant sounds it strums and the physical clean, precise build and grace of the instrument. Your email address will not be published. Herein this specific Taylor GS Mini review article. Taylor Guitar NT Neck differs from other guitar necks by using one continuous piece of wood all the way to the 19th fret to support the fretboard which is standard smooth ebony and 20 fingered with dot inlays. Most great acoustic guitars are priced around this range, some even soaring up to thousands depending on the brand. But which one you think is better really comes down to personal preference and, like I said above, they are only really subtly different in tone. It may as well be called the P mini for its perfection. Filed Under: Beginner Guitars Under 500, Guitar Reviews, Guitar Reviews under 500, Laminate Back and Sides Wood, Mahogany Top Wood, Sapele Patterned Laminate Back and Sides, Sitka Spruce Top Wood, Small Size Guitar Reviews, Solid Wood Top Wood, Taylor Acoustic Guitars. This is very helpful to me (thanks!) Here in this Taylor GS Mini review article, you will get to know why this is hailed as an exemplary first-rate instructional tool when it comes to learning how to play for beginners. The space in the higher frets became a bit of tight squeeze for my fingers, due to the shorter scale length, but overall just really easy and nice to play. And no surprises that they play exactly the same, given that they are exactly the same except for the top wood. There is literally only one difference between these two models. We greatly appreciate your support! Last updated: January 8, 2020 by Nate 2 Comments. 21 Guitar Playing Tips Every Beginner Should Know, Tips for Learning How to Play the Guitar and Sing at the Same Time, Acoustic Guitar Stands: Ways to Keep Your Guitar When Not Playing, Takamine Serial Numbers: What They Can Tell You and How to Decode Them. I couldn’t say this for sure, having not actually done it – but this would be my guess. Overall, this makes the GS Mini, a beauty to play, a siren to hear, and a guitar to treasure. While it's perfectly OK to experiment with different types/brands of strings (excluding the GS Mini Bass), to maintain factory performance and specifications we recommend staying with the correct string gauges as follows. They produce a tone significantly louder than what I was expecting for the size. Like you, I think I prefer the Mahogony over the Standard, but it appears that the Walnut has a bit more sparkle and bite to it than the Mahogony while being similarly warm and punchy. And these are just some of the things. Check Price And Reviews on Amazon . And which one of the three (Standard included) do you think would sound the best when always tuned down a full step (in D instead of E)? Which is that they play nicely, IMO. Taylor has been perfecting its mini models for more than 15 years now – pristine portability, perfect projection, and perennial playability. Fretting is easy and relaxed, requiring no substantial effort. Finally, the guitar came with standard and well-crafted Elixir Phosphor Bronze medium gauge strings with NANOWEB Coating. The Koa would probably retain a bit more of that sparkle tuned down as well, as opposed to the Mahogany top. If you want to check out my review of the Taylor GS Mini Mahogany, check out the next link. The overall sounds that come from the GS Mini are distinctive, as it is not usually found in beginner models, this would make it an excelling record guitar.  The sound quality is on par with Taylor’s more expensive lineup, thus showcasing Taylor’s incredible quality control across the board. Acoustic vs Bass Guitar: Which is better for Beginners? That’s it! Disclosure: Links below are affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. So, what a great way to test between a guitar with a mahogany top and a spruce top. Taylor GS Mini Reduced Scale Grand Symphony Guitar. Without actually having played the Walnut version, I would say that both the Walnut and standard version would probably have a bit more sparkle when tuned down. This review will cover what the actual physical differences are and what the tonal differences are. As well as all of that Taylor offers you its gig bag with backpack straps to keep the dust, termites, and negligence away from your trusty guitar.  Not to mention scratches.Â. FEATURES The Taylor Academy Series currently consists of three models—the steel-string 10e (dreadnought) and 12e (grand concert) flattops and the nylon-string 12e-N. For this review we looked at the steel-string models. Taylor GS Mini Reduced Scale Grand Symphony Guitar. Acoustic. The GS Mini Mahogany has a solid Tropical Mahogany top. That’s just a guess as a. I haven’t played this guitar tuned down and b. I haven’t played the Walnut version. [For acoustic, electric & bass], How To Use A Guitar Capo For Beginners & Beyond, Sound quality comparable with Taylor’s expensive lineup, A perfect instrument for frequent travelers, The thin satin finish doesn’t protect from road wear. There’s incredible tonal depth, strength, and resonance, giving the guitar its own voice that could compete against all of its counterparts. It is finished off with a satin gloss from top to end that keeps it looking that fresh though this may cause problems for on the go trips and extensive traveling. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. But the one comparison I haven’t found anywhere yet is between Walnut and Mahagony. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Grand Auditorium, Grand Concert, GT, Academy Series, Big Baby Taylor, Baby Taylor. Scaled up and perfected while being inspired by their Great Symphony line, it boasts excellent projection, loud sound, and pickup options like its forefathers. The patented, bolt-on neck is a trusted Taylor favorite, made, and improved with the classic New Technology (NT) Taylor has become known for. The GS Mini has a solid Sitka Spruce top. The GS Mini Mahogany has a narrower range of tone. It is a breeze to play; your fingers will feel like they’re dancing on the fretboard. If you wanted to go for something a little brighter, then the GS Mini-e RW (with laminate Rosewood back and sides) would give you a bit more brightness/clarity in the lows and highs – if that’s the thing you’re going for. The differences were, to my ear anyway, about what you would expect them to be when comparing spruce and mahogany. Scaled up and perfected while being inspired by their Great Symphony line, it boasts excellent projection, loud sound, and pickup options like its forefathers. I’m a man who loves mahogany – so if I had to choose between these 2 it would be the GS Mini Mahogany. Both guitars are quite warm sounding and really at the middle range between bright and warm – with the GS Mini Mahogany being on the warmer side of middle and the GS Mini probably smack in the middle. So the question is which is best for her to start on but she will not "outgrow" any time soon? Updated April 2020 . Your email address will not be published. It is uncommonly loud for a beginner’s guitar, probably could take its place in the hands of a professional being able to hold its own against an arsenal of Taylor’s more expensive, full-body, full-sized other guitars. The GS Mini Mahogany has a solid Tropical Mahogany top, Those who want a quality travel guitar to take with them on trips, Those who want a small guitar just to save space in their house/apartment, Beginners – these guitars are super easy to play, stay in tune great and sound amazing, Anyone who likes a guitar that responds to a light touch, Anyone really – I don’t own one yet, but I definitely will soon – and not for any of the reasons above – just because it sounds so good and plays so smoothly. The natural Sapele bridge is crowned with a synthetic bone handle, embellished by chrome hardware and a solid Sitka spruce top with X bracing. Taylor GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar , Sapele, Mahogany Top, 13 Effective Guitar Tips for Beginners [Best Ways To Start], Loog Guitar Review: Ideal First Guitar For Kids, Prime Day & Black Friday Guitar Deals (2020), How Often Should You Change Guitar Strings? A while ago I reviewed the Taylor GS Mini mahogany model – and was genuinely blown away by it. In both fingerpicking and pick picking, this is perfect for those younger aspiring Neil Young’s out there or even a smooth John Mayer. If you wan to learn more about the GS Mini or GS Mini Mahogany, or are ready to buy or want to research availability and pricing (guitars usually come in at less than their MSRP), check out the links below. Known for its innovative use of exotic tonewoods to increase sound quality, Taylors’ is a favorite of veteran musicians such as Prince and Dave Carroll. It is by no means their 2000 dollar ones, but it is no doubt one of the best guitars for beginners and even intermediary players. So, I thought it might be nice to compare the GS Mini (Spruce) to the GS Mini Mahogany.

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