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This is a great guide that will tell you where to Level for each level. they miss a lot, they hit for crap, they hit slow, to have a decent automaton they need to spend a crapload amount of gil, they don't get good gear,. BLM SOLO GUIDE: *** Level 60-64 *** Goblin's Rarab (Hobgoblin Animalier) – Bibiki Bay NOTE: It may be possible to come to this camp as early as 57. Where to farm capacity points on BLM solo? but as everyone levels up you can see the enormous gimpness a pup is. Expect a lot of competition at this camp from BRD, BLU, RDM and other BLM that are doing the same. Also it includes some of the monsters to level aswell. ... In-Depth Leveling Guide From 1-75 : FFXI General Discussions or with a PL lol u can go to like 30 while seeking solo. I came here at 62 and stayed here until 66. Ok, so for those who don't know, there's an incredibly easy way to solo blackmage, from early as level 1 all the way to elvel ... Guide for soloing blackmage 1-75 : FFXI Submissions Home » Forums » Final Fantasy XI » FFXI Submissions 1 -> 75 in under 2 weeks rough leveling guide! lolpups are only decent at low levels (lvl 30max), when there's no good gear for any job, not many job abilities or skills, etc. You may want to consider switching back to /NIN. I have a +25% cape, I have a ring charge active, and I have an Atinian staff with a mix of Hagondes+1 and Alluvion Skirmish armor, giving me an … DAY #1) 1->16 can be solod on (almost) any job/whm with drinks, ambrosia(or H pie). NM Hunting List & THF Solo Guide Hello there fellow adventurers, this is a post totally dedicated to the Notorius Monsters in FFXI The List below does not include any NM that are too difficult for a THF to solo or any useless NM that do not drop anything, or any NM that drop the new Aptant items. also pld drk (and i think nin) not sure make your wyvern both offesnive and healing. The Nuke burn basically entails 1 DD self-scing and the blm/rdm/sch's going ham with magic burst. A lot of fun. Re: FFXI Soloing FAQ and guide id like to state that for drg blm sub also works. I occasionally tried different things, but that seemed to work the best. using an attack breath on a ws but wont use the remove para/poison/something breath also the % for those subs change from 1/3 hp to 1/4. I got BLM from 1 to the low 30s (primarily) by finding EMs, weak Ts, or high DCs and following a "Nuke, bind, nuke, nuke, nuke, nuke, rest MP and HP, repeat" cycle. Play it smart and accomodate in order to make the most of your time while not being exclusive! You can modify the jobs here and do anything you want. I heard something about Rakaznar on bats or butterflies, but it seemed to be fairly slow, at about 400 points per kill.

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