the faint outer ring of saturn is made by:

Kristen Erickson Once charged, this material can migrate into the planet’s ionosphere by following magnetic field lines. Although spokes were observed frequently during the Voyager encounters, they were not seen during the Cassini mission until September 2005, possibly an indication of the effect of a different Sun angle on the production of charged grains. The faint outer ring reported by Kuiper 467 (1974) was recorded on images of Saturn taken with the 155 cm reflector of the Catalina Observatory in December 1966 and January 1967. Beyond that are two much fainter rings named G and E. Saturn's diffuse E ring is the largest planetary ring in our solar system, extending from Mimas' orbit to Titan's orbit, about 1 million kilometers (621,370 miles). Other small satellites have tenuous rings or ring arcs associated with them, including the co-orbital moons Janus and Epimetheus, Methone, Anthe, and Pallene. Some of the gaps in the rings are made by moonlets clearing paths, whilst other moons are actually replenishing the rings. The Cassini spacecraft arrived at Saturn in July 2004. ( See figure.) This image has not been ... Saturn's rings cast shadows on the planet, except their shadows appear to be inside out! Optical depth is a measure of the amount of electromagnetic radiation that is absorbed in passing through a medium—e.g., a cloud, the atmosphere of a planet, or a region of particles in space. Multiple faint, streamer-like objects can be seen in this high resolution Cassini spacecraft view of the F ring's bright core. Director, NASA Planetary Science Division: Because the rings have such a low mass, it is likely that they are very young, between 10 and 100 million years old. The Cassini spacecraft looks down onto high northern latitudes on Tethys, spying the enormous impact basin Odysseus. faint narrow outer ring of Saturn, discovered by Pioneer 2 in 1979. lies just outside the Roche limit of Saturn and was founded by Voyager 1 to be made up of several ring strands apparently braided together. Outer Rings Edit File:Saturn outer rings labeled.jpg File:PIA11101 Anthe ring arc.jpg File:E ring with Enceladus.jpg "Janus/Epimetheus" Ring Edit. The main rings are much younger than the age of the solar system, perhaps only a few hundred million years old. The Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite will enhance forecasts and provide detailed information on large-scale ocean currents. Science Writer: A completely transparent medium has an optical depth of 0; as the density of the medium increases, so does the numerical value. Saturn is sometimes called the ”Jewel of the Solar System” because its ring system looks like a crown. The D ring is very faint and closest to Saturn. The main rings are A, B and C. The outermost ring, easily seen with Earth-based telescopes, is the A ring. Some of the major gaps have been named after famous astronomers who were associated with studies of Saturn (see below Observations from Earth). + View Infrared (with labels) Between 432 and 2,870 kg (952 and 6,327 pounds) of ring material fall into the ionosphere every second. They may have formed from the breakup of one of Saturn's moons or from a comet or meteor that was torn apart by Saturn's gravity. At this rate, the rings will disappear in 292 million years. These three views of Saturn's moon Rhea were made from data obtained by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, enhanced to show colorful splotches and bands on the icy moon's surface. Unlike the other rings, this dust ring has the same inclination as Phoebe’s orbit. Saturn, the B Ring is the inner of the two wide rings, the Cassini Division is the gap between the two widest rings, and the A Ring is the outer of the two wide ringsThe B Ring is the innermost of the two largest, brightest rings. Details of Saturn's three main rings, in a natural-colour composite of six images obtained by the Cassini spacecraft on December 12, 2004. Like the rings of the other giant planets, Saturn’s major rings lie within the classical Roche limit . As predicted from such a resonance, the boundary is not perfectly circular but shows deviations in radius that result in a two-lobed shape. Just outside the A ring is the narrow F ring, shepherded by tiny moons, Pandora and Prometheus. This is an artist's concept of Saturn's rings and major icy moons. You... NASA's Cassini spacecraft spied details on the pockmarked surface of Saturn's moon Prometheus (86 kilometers, or 53 miles across) during a moderately close flyby on Dec. 6, 2015. From the planet outward, they are D, C, B, A, F, G and E. The D ring is very faint and closest to Saturn. Thus, small moons (and artificial satellites) with sizes in the range of tens of kilometres or less can persist indefinitely within the Roche limit. Because Saturn’s ring system may be an analogue of the original disk-shaped system of particles out of which the planets formed, an understanding of its dynamics and evolution has implications for the origin of the solar system itself (see solar system: Origin of the solar system). Similarly, the outer edge of the A ring is in a 7:6 resonance with the co-orbital moons Janus and Epimetheus (see below Orbital and rotational dynamics) and is scalloped with seven lobes. The Cassini spacecraft spies four large impact basins on the southern hemisphere of icy Tethys. This moon may be one of several parent bodies of the G ring. These bands are layered into stratified cloud decks consisting of droplets of ammonia, ammonium hydrosulfide and water set aloft in a sea of hydrogen a... To the Cassini spacecraft's infrared eyes, Saturn's graceful clouds sometimes take on the appearance of an impressionist's painting of the giant planet. The B ring is the brightest, thickest, and broadest of the rings. Like the rings of the other giant planets, Saturn’s major rings lie within the classical Roche limit.

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