togaf phases and deliverables

A database of standards that can be used to define the particular services and other components of an Organization-Specific See also 3.72 Stakeholder and 3.18 Architecture Viewpoint . To better understand the components of the framework, below is the structure of the standard. may have a number of roles. The inner Architecture Continuum categorizes outputs (deliverables, artifacts, building blocks) with regards to rules, architecture designs, representations, and relationships. In some sections of this standard, the term "viewpoint" is used as a synonym for "architecture viewpoint". Here, I would like to share with you the benefits of TOGAF, how to get started and additionally how to combine it with other methodologies. The lifecycle management of information and related technology used by an organization. in (2) above. management. When two companies merge, redundant systems will need to share information or perhaps consolidation will be required. Merriam-Webster® Collegiate Dictionary should be referenced for terms not defined in this section or A. Glossary of Supplementary Definitions . An articulation of the relationships between the primary entities that make up the enterprise, its partners, and Although I still produce various types of technology architecture, my work has gradually shifted more towards enterprise architecture. Architecture Repository, as they evolve from generic Foundation Architectures to Organization-Specific Architectures. An abstract framework for understanding significant relationships among the entities of [an] environment, and for the The combination of distinctive features related to the specific context within which architecture is performed or expressed; a to relevant business regulation. Project details are developed, including: Name, description, and objectives; Scope, deliverables, and constraints; Measures of effectiveness; Acceptance criteria; Risks and issues An umbrella term that includes all or some of the subject areas relating to the computer industry, such as Business Continuity, There may be a need to adapt it to other architecture frameworks such as the Zachman Framework. Enhance Digital Enterprise Architecture Development for the Public Sector, Defining EA Governance for Architecture Success, Digital transformation – Measuring Success is Still Tricky, Slide Deck: Enhance Digital EA Development for Public Sector, Slide Decks: Enhance Digital EA Development for the Public Sector, BOC Group and ATD Solution Announce Strategic Partnership. Of those, 25 were implemented and are currently in-use or in a production environment. The ADM should be employed when target architectures need to be delivered. Let’s look at an example. representative who travels to visit customers. Businesses thrive off change to deliver new products and services to earn revenue and stay relevant. The collection of technology components of hardware and software that provide the services used to support applications. Another example of implementing EA is to begin with compiling your existing and net new architecture assets in an Enterprise Continuum. It is enabled by technology services provided by technology To provide context, in the past eight years out of a 17-year technology career, I have been more focused on software, systems and solution architecture. organizational structure; and the relationships among these business views and strategies, products, policies, initiatives, and A well-defined and governed EA practice is critically important at an organizational level to confront, handle and manage these technological and computing complexities. complete project, or a program. Hopefully now you understand the value of the TOGAF standard and how it serves enterprise architecture. collection of principles and characteristics that steer or constrain how an architecture is formed. return to top of page, 3.10 Architecture Development Method (ADM), 3.33 Communications and Stakeholder Management, Part II: Architecture Development Method (ADM),, The fundamental concepts or properties of a system in its environment embodied in its elements, relationships, and in the As an example, two merged organizations could be using different frameworks – the TOGAF standard and the Zachman Framework. Without an EA practice, there could be disconnects between systems, inconsistencies in solutions, miscommunications among product and engineering teams, duplication of engineering efforts and erosion of an organization’s architecture and solution quality. The ability of systems to provide and receive services from other systems and to use the services so interchanged to enable Much of my current work is centered around designing, overseeing, and governing a suite of transportation-based, online and retail applications, within the supply chain of a major apparel company. Any communication or representation of facts, data, or opinions, in any medium or form, including textual, numerical, graphic, (Source: ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010:2011). A description of the structure and interaction of the enterprise's major types and sources of data, logical data assets, A term commonly assigned to a department within an organization tasked with provisioning some or all of the domains described It But still, the ADM is an iterative process as well. 1. Generic building blocks, their inter-relationships with other building blocks, combined with the principles and guidelines that Both of the continuum architecture classifications are arranged horizontally – moving from the left (more generic or abstract,) to the right (more specific.) A candidate solution which conforms to the specification of an Architecture Building Block (ABB). See also 3.67 Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) . Agile development methodologies are widely used for developing and delivering technology-based projects in an iterative manner. This board handles architecture reviews, technology standardization, blueprints, and design guidance, as well as enforces security practices and establishes consistency in artifact format and quality. Phase B: Business between the practice and the stakeholders and the practice and the consumers of its services. This summary will encourage you to adopt a mature, in-depth standard rather than organically growing your own. However, adapting TOGAF to Zachman will demonstrate the flexibility of TOGAF. Various countries and industries employ other Establish an Architecture Content Framework and begin categorizing your artifacts, deliverables and building blocks. Indeed, it is an in-depth comprehensive, yet adaptable method to apply enterprise architecture to serve business needs. Phases include defined activities/processes, expected inputs and outputs. My goal of obtaining the TOGAF certification was to learn a comprehensive and well-respected enterprise architecture methodology. The Additionally, you may need to merge or convert EA frameworks to be under one model such as TOGAF. A system that manages all of the data of an enterprise, including data and process models and other enterprise information. Although the seven parts described above may seem overwhelming or ‘process heavy,’ collectively they are comprehensive. The organized collection of all architecture views pertinent to an architecture. Building Blocks If needed, leverage the adaptation techniques to have it coexist with other frameworks. An individual, team, organization, or class thereof, having an interest in a system. But, you don’t need everything in the standard to be successful. A constituent of the architecture model that describes a single aspect of the overall model. Provides organization structures, processes, roles, responsibilities and skills to establish and operate an enterprise architecture practice within an organization. Phases may be tailored to fit an organization’s needs. development of consistent standards or specifications supporting that environment. capability has been realized. Encourage your organization to not reinvent the wheel if caught creating a custom EA practice. Delivers business capabilities closely aligned to an organization, but not necessarily explicitly governed by the The next Zachman row, the Conceptual, would have some overlap in the ADM Architecture Vision (Phase A) and the Business Architecture (Phase B.) This startup could experience surging growth, rapidly advancing from nascent to emergent. The inner Solutions Continuum provides actual methods to implement the assets in the Architecture Continuum, leveraging technologies and frameworks. The methods noted include identifying the deliverables output from an architecture activity and then identifying in what activity or phase the outputs should be produced. executive-level, long-term view for direction setting.

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