tojiro bread knife

Thanks to the adjustable guide, you can produce slices with a consistent thickness. When buying a bread knife, you should look for one with 16 degrees or less in the angle of the edges. Bread knives tend to run between 7 inches to 10 inches in blade length. Here, I will be giving you some tips and advice on how to buy the best bread knife for yourself. We feel that anything under 9 inches just isn't long enough for easy slicing unless you only cut smaller loaves like those baked in a bread pan. The Tojiro ITK bread knife has a 270mm scalloped edge. Lifetime Warranty, Made in Japan. What's your favorite bread knife? It’s always a hassle if you have to cut a loaf of bread with a straight edge. Therefore, you don’t have to sharpen the knife as regularly in comparison to average bread knives. The knife also offers a curved blade and a solid, ergonomic handle that provides maximum comfort and excellent maneuverability. Its blade is exceedingly sharp, its edge retention is superb, it's highly durable, and the knife's design is well-balanced. Also, the knife possesses an ergonomic design of pakkawood handles, which offers maximum comfort, perfect balance, and best manipulation. Features an exceptional grip, Dalstrong Shadow Black Series knife is especially customized for maneuverability. Besides a chef knife and a parry knife, a bread knife is a must-have cooking utensil in your kitchen. Cutting from any angle, this blade’s geometry features sharp, aerodynamic lines that tuck snugly into your palm and cut the air. Are you trying to find a blade that possesses both the beauty and the strength to cut through your hard morning bread? In fact, the best bread knives should have fewer, deeper, and wider serrated edges. An ideal number of serrations for a bread knife is around 30, while a knife with up to 54 serrations can have a poor performance. The handle is what determines whether you’ll be comfortable using the knife. You won't use a bread knife nearly as often as a chef's knife, the true workhorse of the kitchen, but for a limited set of tasks, they are necessary. Made of premium-quality high-carbon stainless steel, the knife is also highly resistant against corrosion, rust, stains, as well as pitting. However, if you’re cutting cakes with a dense texture such as nut-bread, you should use a straight edge knife instead of a serrated one. Therefore, you need to find a blade that is sharp enough to effortlessly slice through the fruits. However, a bread knife's usefulness is not limited to cutting bread alone. Let us know in the comments. If you don’t like to have your knuckles banging against the cutting board while using a knife, you can also search for an offset bread knife. High carbon steel is another ideal option because it is more resistant against chip damage. However, you might not know which is the best bread knife, especially with so many options around. The knife will give you the highest level of satisfaction in your culinary journey. Therefore, as much as a luxury bread knife can seem to be, you should have a serrated knife in your kitchen so that you can handle all the cutting and slicing tasks. Best for Soft Fruits - Tojiro F-687 Bread Knife “Curve blade design, wide and deep serrations, crafted from vanadium steel, razor-sharp edge, excellent blade retention.” Bread Knives Comparison Chart An intense heat treatment followed by a deep-freeze cooling process enhances flexibility and hardness. Another thing that might affect the performance of the knife is the angle of the edge. Moreover, the contoured handle will fit nicely into your palm, giving you a solid grip on the blade. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This product is everything you'll be looking for in a bread knife. It is simple but offers you a clean cut without deforming bread. You also need to keep in mind that if you don’t want to spend too much time sharpening the serrated edges, you should avoid carbon steel. Do you have any tips and tricks you'd like to share with us? Its blade is forged precisely from a single piece of steel, which ensures an ultra sharp edge with excellent wear and stain resistance. We are committed to accessibility & inclusion. This is a multipurpose complex related to TOJIRO products, allowing visitors to not only take products into their own hands for a closer look, but also participate in cooking classes at the kitchen studio or check the condition of their knives in the maintenance room. The blade is made by expert craftsmen to 16-18 degree, which ensures a precise, clean cut and excellent edge-retention. If you need to safely store the bread knife after each use, you might want to find one with a sheath. Are you annoyed with being unable to cut slices of bread with even thickness? The blade is made in Germany, where one of the best knives is produced. Then you might need this bread knife with a slicing guide from Deli Pro. Moreover, the knife’s D-shaped Pakkawood handle will give you a solid and comfortable grip so that you can easily maneuver the blade to cut through even the toughest loaves of bread. After being handcrafted, the blade then underwent cryogenic treatment to improve its hardness, flexibility as well as damage resistance ability. That’s not all. One special thing about the blade is that it is made from Shun’s exclusive VG-MAX steel. Moreover, this bread knife comes with a razor-sharp edge that will enable it to effortlessly slice through various types of food, be it meat, vegetables, fruits, bread, or cheese. TOJIRO SD Molybdenum Vanadium Steel Bread Slicer 270mm F-687 Blade made from wear and rust-resistant Molybdenum Vanadium steel. The scalpel-like edge of this knife was crafted by veteran artisans with the renowned Honbazuke method. The most ideal material for bread knives is stainless steel, which can retain its edge for a long time and is less prone to rust. Moreover, the highly durable construction material allows the knife to withstand many wear and tear. Blade construction- molybdenum-vanadium steel, High performing 270mm reverse scalloped edge, This high performing bread knife features molybdenum-vanadium steel which has superior hardness, durability and is corrosion resistance. Your email address will not be published. Therefore, besides being incredibly sharp, the blade has superb edge retention for an extended longevity. With its razor sharp edge, it can effortlessly carve meat and slice through even the crustiest bread. The blade edge is a 270mm scalloped edge and complimented by a black pakka wood handle. If you have never used a bread knife before, chances are that you have many questions regarding this kitchen utensil. 135 Prairie Lake Road, East Dundee, IL 60118,, That's not all; the knife has a full tang design and a triple-riveted handle, which can give you optimal balance and control to maneuver the blade easily. The extra hard steel is crucial in a serrated blade so that the serrations will stay sharp for the life of the knife without sharpening. Another feature that you might want in a bread knife is a guide, which will provide a consistent thickness every cut. One of our top sellers since introduced, this knife is a great addition to any kitchen. No matter how sharp the blade is, a straight knife will squish your bread and leave behind too many crumbs. Read more here. Listed below are what I believe to be the best bread knives for each different category. Required fields are marked *. To prevent this, you need to have a bread knife, or a serrated blade, to cut the bread. Thanks to this, you will be able to slice through even the toughest loaf of bread with no problem at all.

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