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Who said we needed all these new regulations and AI developments to make us practically unemployable? Broadly speaking, here are the questions these events raise: First, given New England Motor Freight’s bankruptcy filing on February 11, and how the rest of 2019 unfolded for the trucking industry, does this year mark the beginning of a shift in the structure of the general trucking industry? Second, given the amount of venture capital available to startups seeking to automate the trucking value chain, is 2020 the year when digital freight brokers will start to have a meaningful impact? In fact, nearly every good consumed in the U.S. is put on a truck at some point. I’m buying a farm before I starve to death. But they are still around. Nov 26, 2020. Postal Service, Carrier profits surge thanks to pandemic freight boom, FreightWaves Classics: Trucking companies’ names range from A to Z (Part 4), Designing for freight tech: Q&A with Uber Freight’s new head of design, FreightWaves Classics: Trucking companies’ names range from A to Z (Part 3), FreightWaves Classics: Trucking companies’ names range from A to Z (Part 2), The Daily Dash: Broker transparency fight rages on. Celadon’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing – industry structure. And for those that were trucking back then, you would remember when you could look in any truck stop and see at least 5 J. Brian is a charter holding member of the CFA Institute. If you are not changing and redesigning yourselves then you will fall into the ditch. Alternatively, you can reach out to any member of the editorial team at FreightWaves at [email protected] Charley Dehoney, my #MarketVoices counterpart, wrote an article which ran on FreightWaves on October 29, Logistics as a lambda function. Celadon’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing – industry structure. His article describes what is happening in detail. This follows on the heels of the startup having raised a $400 million round of venture capital financing just last month. Postal Service in which TuSimple’s autonomous trucking technology would be used in a pilot to transport mail. B. Brian holds an MBA in General Management, with a specialization in Financial Instruments and Markets, from NYU’s Stern School of Business. Sponsored by American Trucking Associations. Even if every truck went automated today I would have very few good feelings about the FMCSA and DOT being able to care for the needs of my family. TuSimple announced a pilot with the U.S. COVID-19 Coverage. So to me the big question is who do you sue when that automated truck hits a school bus? Convoy and several other startups like Uber Freight and Transfix have been working on refashioning the business of freight brokerage, and venture capitalists have shown an appetite for financing these startups. Also, TuSimple announced a pilot with the U.S. As Amazon Logistics’ capabilities have increased, it has started competing more directly and robustly with UPS and FedEx. We will have to wait and see. Trucking companies that operate in the spot-market are in a position of weakness relative to shippers, and the volume of ecommerce shipments does not matter if every extra shipment is a loss-creating shipment for the trucking company that transports it. I’ll keep driving but it’s not my sustainable future. When will that time come? Oregon Trucking Associations (OTA) is a membership-based organization has been advocating, educating, and promoting the trucking industry for over 80 years. Welcome to the future. What we really need to do is find an effective way to limit the government’s abilities in interfering with Free Trade and Free Commerce within these United States. As a result, the trucking industry hauled 72.5% of all freight transported in the United States in 2019, equating to 11.84 billion tons. For those who have been hiding from these changes somewhere, they’ve been happening already over the past 30 years, and more noticeably in the last 5 years, as government focus has shifted onto us. We do the job every day but we do not know what we’re doing, at least in the eyes of the idiots who write meaningless and costly new regulations (hoops for us to jump through). That means we represent trucking members in the legislature, host events and training classes to make sure you're safe and compliant, and maintain our industry image so you can be successful. News about Celadon’s Chapter 11 Filing on December 8 has consumed the trucking industry. Hunt trucks parked in the lot. Five Good Things in trucking: Thanksgiving edition. For examples I give Burlington Motor Carriers that was a large trucking company that went bankrupt back in the early 90’s (remember the stars that were on the side of the trucks). Sponsored by American Trucking Associations, Sponsored by The Machinery Haulers Association, Sponsored by Transportation Research Board, Sponsored by California Trucking Association, Sponsored by Midwest Association of Rail Shippers, Sponsored by Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, Sponsored by National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Sponsored by Conversion Interactive Agency, 950 N Glebe Road Suite 210, Arlington, VA 22203, Safety, Security and Human Resources National Conference & Exhibition, Data Management, Quality and FMCSA Systems Training, XPO’s Europe Unit Sale Said to Slow as Blackstone Drops Out, Electric Last Mile Solutions Said to Be in Merger Talks, Lightning EMotors Said to Be in Talks to Go Public, Mnuchin Moves to Restart Stimulus Talks With Democrats, VW’s Traton to Build China Truck Factory in Expansion Push.

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