turn system icons on or off greyed out

You can close the Settings app now. My computer had all the latest updates and I just updated the drivers and the problem still persists. One in mind is the information tab in the AMD Catalyst Drivers for instance.When I open this up the background is white and the text is an unreadable light gold color.In general if I set my theme to a normal without high contrast most of the text in all apps and programs is a light gray color, which I can barely read. So you notice you are missing icons in the System Tray, like the clock or volume icons, and then you realize that you simply can’t enable them because the checkboxes are grayed out. The program is Vuze Bittorrent client --> The Vuse wiki actually tells the location of the .png image file --> [URL]....For BitDefener, I found the folder where the .png files are located and I was able to overwrite them to white icons that would match my Windows 10 theme.C:Program FilesBitdefenderBitdefender 2015supportofflinemanualimagesiconsHowever, the icon in the system tray stays the same (ugly red B). In particular, it searches using Bing rather than Google (in the settings I have specified that it should use Google).How to create an icon for Edge on the taskbar? But I couldn't. It is happening with every app. Why Can't Location Turn On - Option Grayed Out, Location Settings On PC Has Been Grayed / Cannot Toggle, OneDrive Simply Won't Connect - Icon Is Always Grayed Out, Missing Volume Icon On Task Bar - Grayed Out In Action Center, Settings Grayed Out After Using System Restore Point, Battery And Location Icon In Notification Area Missing, Start Menu Downloads Icon Doesn't Work After Location Change, Installation :: Need To Move / Fix Location Of System Reserved Partition, Customization :: Mute System Volume Icon As ICO, Customization :: How To Customize System Tray Icon Images, Customization :: How To Reduce System Tray Icon Spacing, Networking :: Network Icon In System Tray Says Not Connected, Taskbar Won't Autohide - Program Icon Keeps Reappearing In System Tray, No Audio Output Is Installed - Speaker Icon In System Tray Has A Little Red X, Browser/Email :: Microsoft Edge Taskbar Icon Disappeared After System Restore. I can't activate the power and volume icon because there gray. I've tried the regedit method. After last up date my volume icon said it was not working , I went to trouble shooter it said it was fixed nd to restart my computer. Is there a system file that contains the various new icons found throughout Windows 10 - something along the lines of imageres.dll? I'm using Windows 10 laptop. Several months ago, I posted a question on this forum and asked how to get rid of this icon. This is My 1st Thread..I Want This Icon as ICO to Use for Shortcut Icon and Pin to Taskbar (I Think Size is 128x128 ?) The application cannot be started. My sound card audio service, Windows audio are running. I would like to find out how I can customize the actual images(icons) displayed in the system tray.This is my current system tray --> Icons I want to change include BitDefender, Chrome, and OpenVPN to make them better fit the new Windows 10 icon theme. How can i correct this error? I have corporate antivirus that I cannot remove and I do have the classic start menu app installed ( I have removed this in the process of trouble shooting but have since reinstalled it as it had no positive effect) Here is all the log info I could find from event viewer (entries are separated by ************): Faulting application name: explorer.exe, version: 10.0.10240.16603, time stamp: 0x56553bcd. It says the admin restricted the settings. I don't want to just keep rebooting on the off chance that all the problems will solve themselves.Why Win10 programmers thought this OS is good. You can close the Settings app now. There are no issues. I just noticed today that it would not auto rotate and that the option for Rotation Lock in Action Center and in the Display Setting is greyed out. I have no intention of upgrading to Windows 10. I dont want to do a clean install. Well, I've been using Windows 10 for two weeks (when Build 10240 was released), and OneDrive won't connect like it did on Windows 8.1 and Build 9926, that I also used before. It says the admin restricted the settings. I tried to fix that. I've been using Windows 10 for a few weeks now and I was looking to get Cortana to work. Now the Update icon is back and there does not seem to be an update in Windows Update that I can hide to get rid of the icon. A problem may occur in Microsoft Windows 10 where the system icons such as the Speaker, Network, or Power icons are grayed out or missing from the Taskbar Notification Area (Systray). Is there another setting I need to do, or is Windows 10 saying that even with the performance boxes checked, I can still remove drives without "safely removing them. The location settings has been greyed and i cannot toggle it.

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