types of knives and their uses with pictures

For this reason, knives have transformed from their original sharp double-sided edge to a more sophisticated design to assist in all sorts of kitchen and outdoor activities. Early man used knives made of sharpened stones and bone as an all-in-one tool for hunting, as a weapon, and also for eating. You can always have the right knife for the task. A hunting knife is used during hunting and preparing the game to be used as food, skinning the animal, and cutting up the meat. Advertisements Copyright © 2020 Shiny Blades || This blog is a participant of Amazon Affiliates Program and posts may contain affiliate links! Paring Knife is simple, straightforward and sharp bladed that is short in size, typically between 2 ½ inches and 4 inches and the edge looks similar to that of a chef’s knife. Kitchen knives are designed specifically to be used in food preparation. That’s all you folks; these are the types of kitchen knives and uses that are widely recommended in a multi-functional commercial kitchen. It is used primarily for cutting large pieces of meat into smaller chunks such as steaks. Below is a cool diagram setting out illustrations of cooking knives. The firmer knife is used to debone beefs while the flexible blade suits better to cut chickens. These knives are similar to chef’s knives but are shorter and thinner. Here, our experts will teach you about different types of knives and their uses with pictures to help you find out the right set for your cooking life. Along with kitchen use, these knives are also used by the garden managers. Ancient Egyptians also used knives while hunting and even created wooden handles for their stone blades. This knife is regarded as a utility knife by butchers. Paring Knife. It may take some months to learn to slice and dice, chop and carve like a pro but my guide would actually get you started with the basic – selecting your knife. It is a longer and thinner version of a Chef’s Knife and has a lengthy and sharp edge that is used to thinly slice thicker meats or large food items such as roasts. They have offset handles that keep your knuckles away from the bread. A cimeter (also known as scimitar) is a large, curved butcher’s knife, with a blade typically 8 – 14 inches about 20-35 cm long. Though it is called a bread knife, it is a popular choice for slicing foods with a hard outer layer with a softcore like tomatoes. Straight Back. Dating back to 4,000 years, knives are historically one of the oldest tools in the world. A cleaver is a large knife that usually comes in a rectangular-bladed hatchet. The first knife was said to be made of flint, then copper and now steel. This type of knife has a slight curve, which helps with cutting through meat. Serrated Utility Knives are usually 4 to 7 inches long and are used to cut through delicate vegetables and fruits without slashing them. Resembles a Paring Knife, the peeling knife has a downward curved blade, “tourne” which is used to remove spots and blotches from food, and make specific cuts on root vegetables. The blade is only 2 to 3 inches long. A good quality knife definitely increases kitchen productivity as well as improves our culinary skills. Why Eat Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables? The perfect blade length should fall between 3 and 6 inches because anything longer than that makes the knife difficult to control and if it is shorter, it becomes difficult to grip. Stop this Dangerous Habit Right Now. There’s a ‘Fillet Knife’ too that’s preferred for delicate fishes. These knives are ideal for slicing open vegetables and deseeding, it does a great job at deveining shrimps and coring fruits too. Knives have been used as a weapon, cooking tools and in the modern world eating utensils. You can easily spot it in multiple horror movies. Also see 20 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets & Utensils for Every Kitchen (With Pictures). It does not have one handle like normal knives, but has two instead, to hold from the top and finely mince meat, veggies and herbs, by rocking it to and fro like a pendulum. Types of Knives And Their Uses (With Pictures) by Shiny Blades; Dating back to 4,000 years, knives are historically one of the oldest tools in the world. The Paring Knife is typically used for carrying out intricate works such as peeling food, deveining shrimps, and creating food carving and garnishes such as juliennes. Knives are one of the basic, yet most important tools of the kitchen. This is a type of pocket knife. That’s why they use it to make the small food products smaller. Outdoor knives serve a wide range of purposes, from skinning animals to chopping wood. The sharper ones are used for hard cheese. In much of the world, machetes are a part of daily life. However, they may vary in size, quality and look in different brands. Having a sharp knife that’s the right size and shape allows for better control, making food prep safer and easier. Slice, dice and chop with ease. 41+ Smart Multipurpose Bed Designs for The Minimalist You, Declutter Your Life Today with These 11 Minimalist Lifestyle Ideas, 21 Cute Yet Inspiring Small Tattoo Design Ideas for Girls on Neck 2019, 21 Small Backyard Pond Pictures To Inspire You, 41 Mind Blowing 3D Wall Painting Ideas For Your Home (Inexpensive). It is blunt and is usually found with forks and spoons. Although it is called a butcher’s knife, home cooks and chefs find them useful as well. Cutco offers a complete line of kitchen knives in common sizes and styles, along with specialty pieces original to Cutco. This Knife has a wide belly and clip points that lets us to segment, slice and trim large fruits such as watermelons, papaya, pineapple and pumpkin. In this guide, we'll cover the types of knives and their uses, so you can find the right option for your needs. The smallest are credit-card or key sized units designed for carrying in a wallet or pocket. A dagger is a knife with a very sharp point and usually two sharp edges with the main function of stabbing. These big four friends let you to perform any kind of veggie and fruit cutting technique. It is long knife with dull blades which is used to separate the fruit portion from the peel and pith of a grapefruit. This knife has a long narrow blade with a very sharp point. The Boning Knife is designed to separate bones from meat seamlessly. Trimming Knives are only 3 inches long yet perform a number of small tasks such as removing meat from bone from small areas and create garnishes. Neck knives, as well as other concealed knives, have now become illegal to carry in some states. People confuse boning knives and fillet knives because of their appearance. They have thick rectangular blades that narrow down to sharp edges. It is used to spread, well, butter, jams and other spreads on food and breads. There are so many things you can do with them between slicing and paring mid-sized food, unlike a paring knife that can only be used for small foods. This knife is used mostly for mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables. A paring knife is a small all-purpose knife with a single plain sharp edge. While the hunting knife is primarily used for treating meat, the hunting dagger was traditionally used to kill wild game. The Paring Knife is typically used for carrying out intricate works such as peeling food, … As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you ||. The serrated-edged knives aren’t the easiest to sharpen so many times a new knife is bought to replace a dull one. Its small size ensures a better grip and precision while in use. The slim sharp point of this knife makes it possible to trim meat away from any part of a bone. Unlike a kitchen knife, an outdoor knife is a must-have whether you’re a hunter, fisherman or camper. Normally about 6 to 12 inches long. Hawkbill and talon knife blade shapes are used for specialty knives that are specifically designed for tasks such as cutting carpet and other materials, as well as pruning plants. Early man used knives made of sharpened stones and bone as an all-in-one tool for hunting, as a weapon, and also for eating. Salmon Knives are very elegant and slender looking knives that have thin, sharp and flexible blades, particularly used to peel off the pale skin from fresh salmon. Skin care tips: How to summer-ready your skin at home naturally? Types of Knives. Having a sharp knife that’s the right size and shape allows for better control, making food prep safer and easier. Paring knives are usually short between 3 – 4 inches long. A typical blade length is 2 to 5 inches. Blunt tip blades are also specialty blades, used especially for dive knives. They generally have long blades that range between 17 and 21 cm in length. 11 Grandma’s Tips for Healthy Pregnancy that No Modern Women Would Follow. A chef’s knife is a multipurpose and most common kitchen tool that effortlessly dices vegetables and cuts meats. Copyright © 2012 by DW Focus. The handle can either be hung up or down depending on where the cord is looped from.

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