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Don’t worry if that bit of music theory doesn’t make sense to you just yet — just know you’ll see or hear it again and again! Have fun – this one is a favorite for holiday singalongs! 3 chords – C F G7 See more on YouTube: Let it Be is a classic song that was released way back in 1970, but don’t let that stop you from learning it: The tune is pleasant and catchy, and the meaning can be interpreted any way you like! These 35 songs work well on ukulele and contain chords suitable for those at the beginner level. Watch out for those lyrics — they’re a mouthful! 2012-2020, Part of the UkuWorld network, Some Rights Reserved. 3 chords – C F G See more on YouTube: Difficulty: novice. Maybe because the ukulele is always associated with good vibes, it makes this instrument particularly adaptable to play any genre of music on, but the richness of Jazz Ukulele chords and the large amount of repertoire to choose from is ideal for simply personal … 5 Songs to Play Jazz Ukulele Read More » UkuTabs is part of the UkuWorld network which also offers ukulele tips & guides, ukulele scales, chord charts, an ukulele tuner and much more! Try it in a group! Download Pdf. Click for chords A very popular choice for beginning ukulele players, the four chords in this song are some of the most commonly seen on this list. Eventually you’ll want to add D7 and E7, D7, B-family chords, and the much-maligned (but so worth learning!) 2 chords – C G Click for chords G is often one of the first 3-finger chords beginning players tackle, and it’s a versatile one. He was so good on drums and packed some good vocal chords too. Click for chords This song is mostly C and F chords. 3 chords – C F G See more on YouTube: Strumming. There’s a lot of room for personal interpretation. Keep practicing that Em! Free and guaranteed quality tablature with ukulele chord charts, transposer and auto scroller. You really could choose any chord as your first ukulele chord, and learn them in any order, but many beginning ukulele players start with 1- and 2-finger chords, and with songs that contain just a few chords total, before moving on to more fingers and more chords. Are you a beginning ukulele player looking for easy songs to play? 4. Click for chords Bright and breezy, here’s another song sounds sweet on ukulele. Click for chords D chords can be daunting to some beginners. create a pleasant sound. So if you can belt this one out acapella, try it on ukulele! 5 chords – C F Em G A See more on YouTube: Tuning: G C E A. Lava. There are no rules in ukulele. G and G7 chords are 3-finger chords considered crucial by most players, as is the D chord. Most of us feel more motivated to practice songs we know, love, and want to play. Ukulele players all over the world have direct access to UkuTabs its large and completely free song archive which is constantly being updated with new songs. 4 chords – C Am F G7 See more on YouTube: Leaves From The Vine. 1 of 15. There are quite a few versions of this Christmas ukulele song, and the easiest has only three chords. Top 12 Easy Ukulele Songs with 4 Chords (C, G, Am, F) 1. a|-----9--12-10-----| e|-8---12-----12--8-----6-----7--| c|-----9-6-6-6-7-----6-6-6-7---- You’ll want to use your thumb for the G string, your index finger for the C string, your middle finger for the E string, and your ring finger for the A string. While lots of ukulele fingerpicking songs combine strumming with fingerpicking, it’s important to note that fingerpicking involves plucking each string individually to. Click for chords Simple to pick up, this song repeats itself, allowing players to really get comfortable with the lyrics and chord changes. Here’s an easy ukulele song that just about everyone knows – and in case they don’t the lyrics are easy to learn and remember. 3 chords – C F G7 See more on YouTube: Click for chords Here, you’ll have a bit of time between chords, but pay attention to the rhythm because one change happens faster than the others. F. 1. Click for chords A classic folk song, many people know this one well enough to sing along. 3 chords – C F G See more on YouTube: Am. Christmas Ukulele: You’re A Mean One, Mr Grinch (Chords) Claudia’s Theme from Unforgiven (Tab) Cory McAbee (Stingray Sam) – Lullaby Song (Chords) Dam Busters March (Group Tab) Dango Daikazoku (Tab) Duelling Banjos (Tab) Eddie Vedder – Rise; Erika Eigen – I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper; Gary Jules – Mad World (Tab) This is a tab for ukulele. Fun fact: Ringo got the song … 3 chords – A G D See more on YouTube: Optional: Capo on 4th fret. Click for chords It takes just five chords to get your “Roar” on! Thanks very much. Strumming. Click for chords So many Beatles songs work beautifully on ukulele, and “Love Me Do” is especially well-suited to beginning players. chr. Click for chords This reggae classic is great for beginners in several keys. Was this info helpful? almost good songs in my taste: nice, aweful and much more… only TAB or chords are missing often ;-)… Sorry, but my english is ugly bad, but i hope you understand: Thanks in a hundred times Peter from Bremen in germany. 3 chords – D G A See more on YouTube: You’re right; I haven’t been sharing chords or tab on my YouTube channel. You have entered an incorrect email address! E. 2. She and I caught eyes and lived a lifetime in that moment, but didn’t do anything about it.”, See more on YouTube: G. 2. 3 chords – D C G See more on YouTube: I have just recognized your sympathic and handsome way to sing and play. 1 of 14. The ukulele is a great instrument to play jazz songs on. Click for chords A lot of songs can be played using these three chords because they make a popular pattern (I-IV-V). Click for chords This song has an unique and fun rhythm for chord changes. 856 views, added to favorites 37 times. Click for chords This one is fun to play loud! 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