vaonis stellina telescope review

Credit: Vaonis. We recently had a chance to put Vaonis’ Stellina ‘smart telescope’ through its paces, and we’re intrigued at the glimpse it provides of the future of observational astronomy. Plus: Starfield recognition software; ease of use; excellent smartphone app Minus: Low-resolution images; WiFi frequently loses connection; very expensive A hybrid between a connected telescope and a camera that lets you capture galaxies, nebulae and star clusters, Vaonis Stellina’s (MSRP: $3999) unique design isn’t perfect, but it is surely a sign of smart ‘scopes to come. The developer, Vaonis, tells us there are plans to expand the database to include more targets, plus members of the Solar System. All you want is the Stellina itself and a s Stellina Observation Station telescope review. On top of it all, this observation station is portable enough to bring essentially anywhere! Given the sensor sizes and focal lengths one should expect the Stellina to have a significantly larger FOV. The Vaonis Stellina is designed to be easy to use and its intelligent, smart design allows the user to easily set up and use the device. Stellina Telescope Digital camera$3,999 | Stellina is a self-contained, moveable telescope designed to simply take pictures of celestial objects. The STELLINA app is wonderful at taking away any guess work on the user’s part and just works like magic. Once you’ve settled on an object, select it and STELLINA will move itself to observe it. STELLINA Smart Telescope User-friendly Features The longer STELLINA captures light from space, the more detail your images will have. Never before has astronomy been so accessible, and astrophotography so simple. DPReview contributor and astronomer Jose Francisco Salgado wrote an excellent review of Stellina.Salgado says, 'The Stellina is a well-thought out smart telescope. The Stellina is the best way for beginners to familiarize themselves with the friendly skies. The Stellina has a 400mm focal length while the Unistellar is (IIRC) 450mm. Each target has optimised settings which cannot be changed, but when it’s left to do its work the Stellina does produce worthy results.

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