varys speech to kevan

And Kevan surely was talking about Aegon Targaryen. There is nothing to gain from lying to him there. Dany wins". A lot of people use this speech in the fAegon or Aegon theory, on both ends - why does he tell a dying man "Aegon" if it isn't actually Rhaegar's son? Either this refers to Aegon being under the control of "the mummer" - Varys was a mummer in … only thing that is keeping us sane is putting on our tinfoil hats and coming up with crazy and wild predictions. Varys could be aware of a leak to Littlefinger among his little birds and be exploiting it. Basically, I don't think it's in character for Varys to present himself as a killer to Kevan and give a Bond Villain speech, gloating, unless he gains something else by risking that encounter. Since the post itself was older, and the topic was the BF theory and not the speech itself, I thought I'd make a new one. If anyone remembers Rhaegar's features, it's Jon Con. If he spilled 95% of his highly secret plan to him already why not go the full way? He has been trained in arms, as befits a knight to be, but that was not the end of his education. They're talking about two different Aegons. And once again, if Aegon WAS fake, there would be no reason for him to hide Aegons true identity from the dying Kevan. I actually responded to this point in another post, Aegon is a really popular royal name in Westeros. Hi! When Kevan says that he is dead Varys answers "No, he is alive" - well, that's true. So beforehand he thought of this speech to rub it in kevans cold dying face . I don't think the lack of surname usage is important at all. Arryn? He feels bad about killing Kevan and he explains why he does it. And Kevan was definately talking about Aegon Targaryen. There's no need for him to say Aegon Targaryen, and if he did, people would say that it was suspicious and use it as evidence for Aegon being fake. I don't think you missed anything. I think Littlefinger's informants come from regular people and brothels (desperate men will tell whores anything in the right mood). They were not alone. He wanted to explain why his death was necessary and that it was for the greater good, in his opinion. You could figure out based on context who I mean by each of those names and the likely candidates for 2016, but it would also be weird of me to not clarify. The most straight forward answer, though, is that Varys is telling the truth and Aegon is who he says he is. Remember Littlefinger's lesson to Sansa - pretend she is Alayne even when she is alone. Varys isn't exactly presenting himself as a Bond villain. Press J to jump to the feed. iirc, he was born after the Harrenhall tournament and nearly a year old. Because we are going stir crazy waiting for book 6 and the only thing that is keeping us sane is putting on our tinfoil hats and coming up with crazy and wild predictions. Varys is talking about his Aegon, who is "here" and is certainly not dead. When Kevan says that Aegon is dead he replies that he is alive. Only a dick would do that. I think he in fact might be a red dragon herring to keep us from figuring out who the real mummer's dragon is. And Kevan surely was talking about Aegon Targaryen. Baby swaps aren't out of the question at this point (arguably two have been done thus far). If Aegon is real, the conflict it gives Dany is far better. See also . The same reason that people think Queren Half Hand is Arthur Dayne. That interaction "he is dead", "no he is alive" means that they are talking about the same person. Baratheon's dead, so not him. Yes. He's done similar things before. Imagine his words about Aegon spreading to Flea Bottom, to people who had to live under Joffery and now a Cersei regency. Finding a close match then would have been tricky, unless his head was smashed to bits as it conveniently was. You are seeing Tyrion in every shadow right now. If he's sincere, then he seems to be humblebragging that he brought up his pawn better than Kevan's family did their's. And it seems like varys respects him enough to tell him the truth . I have another question, though: why does he make this speech at all? And yes he is sort of playing with words.

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