what does a pediatric nurse do on a daily basis

Part Seven What Does a Pediatric Nurse Do? I have to say that these pediatric registered nurses have such a wonderful talent for treating children. They say pediatric nurses are special people, but I really wonder about the chicken-or-the egg theory here. As well taking care of kid's injuries and illnesses, pediatric nurses help educate parents and caregivers regarding their children’s health. Pediatric nurses are also responsible for keeping the lines of communication open between other physicians and specialists who are involved in their patients' treatment. Most nurse practitioners work in hospitals or medical centers, like registered nurses. A registered nurse can obtain licensure and become a RN pediatric nurse by simply passing the pediatric nursing exam after their RN exam. Nurses with additional specializations have other pediatric nurse duties related to their specialty. Pediatric nurses typically perform basic health checks when infants and children come into the doctor's office. They assess patients’ medical histories to predict anesthesia response.. A typical day for a Nurse Anesthetist will also include: Obtain informed consent from patients for anesthesia procedures. An emergency room pediatric nurse often has to perform basic examinations, start IVs, and collect urine and stool samples in addition to monitoring a patient's condition. The nurse shows the parent and child to a patient room and asks some basic assessment questions. Monitoring intake and output 3. Pediatric oncology nurses, for example, will be familiar with the best methods to ameliorate the side effects of the chemo and radiation treatments administered to children with cancers. Pediatric nurse practitioners are highly specialized, and their skills are in demand throughout the country. A person in this position also helps with educating and counseling families of sick and injured children. A variety of shifts and schedules are possible for a pediatric nurse. The highest paying states for Registered Nurses include: California, the District of Columbia, Oregon, Hawaii and Massachusetts. Pediatric nurses also design home care plans to assist families in preparing to take care of the special needs of patients suffering juvenile diabetes, paralysis or other chronic diseases. So they also experience degrees of grief as well. Sometimes it is a shopping spree and other times they request to meet a celebrity. A pediatric nurse must first and for most love working with children and must be a people person. They also clean and sew up wounds or even reset bones and put on casts. They perform physical examinations on children, take vital signs and order diagnostic tests. They may talk with families of sick or injured children to answer their questions and provide educational information about their child's condition and available treatment options. These duties include gathering patient histories, working with doctors to order diagnostic tests, and performing routine examinations. The roles of a nurse are dynamic, what does a registered nurse does on a daily basis is a great curiosity to us. Whenever I take my children to the doctor, the nurses are so loving and patient it is amazing. All nurses must provide the basic, routine care to their patients. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. Pediatric Oncology is an area where pediatric nurses have to deal with the death of a child on a regular basis. Cupcake15- I agree that a registered pediatric nurse is really special. They say pediatric nurses are special people, but I really wonder about the chicken-or-the egg theory here. Gathering medical records from other doctor's offices and hospitals is often the responsibility of this type of nurse as well. Although it is possible to become an RN with just an associate degree, most hospitals prefer to hire RNs with four-year nursing degrees, especially for specialized positions. I have the privilege to directly affect someone’s life in a very real way, every shift. The average salary for pediatric nurses is $60,120, according to Payscale.com. These nurses often become emotionally attached to the children as well as the families of the children. For a pediatric nurses, everyday is different and presents itself with new challenges. In the United States, registered nurses (RNs) can take an exam after graduation to become a Certified Pediatric Nurse. Specific responsibilities include preparing patients for chemotherapy, administering palliative treatment, and collaborating with other members of … It is believed that pediatric oncology nurses suffer more stress in their workplace and may suffer from compassion fatigue. Responsibilities. A: On a daily basis, nurse practitioners perform a variety of patient health care tasks including diagnosing, treating, and helping patients manage acute and chronic illnesses. According to the Clinical Advisor, the average salary for a pediatric nurse practitioner is $83,937. Because oncology covers every type of cancer, and no cancer behaves exactly like another, a typical day can involve a huge array of treatment protocols. The hardest part of this profession is when a child actually succumbs to the disease. A pediatric nurse provides medical care to infants, children, and adolescents. I guess this is one positive way to cope with the grief of working with children that are faced with cancer. Nurses with additional specializations have other pediatric nurse duties related to their specialty.

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