what is homepage url in blogger

Then, the button for 'Save Changes' is highlighted to save all redirects.Hope that helps you!- Don. I'm not sure that's what you're saying. I want them to be under the rest of my tabs. As their name implies, static home pages stay permanent no matter how many times the website is updated, while non-static home pages reflect the changes that are made to the site and. Perfect instructions. Look at my comment to 'Admin' on Sept 2nd.When do you get your error message that the page doesn't exist? Thanks. However, I would suggest that you create a dummy test blog and try these techniques to get comfortable first. (http://www.pashansusroad.com/index.html)Is it because I am using custome domain?My blog address is www.pashansusroad.com. I checked your blog and saw the same redirect problem. I have a problem. Hi there!Great post seems to work just fine though i don't know how i've managed to make the "column-right-outer" section to dissapear on home page and then to put it right back..pls tell me the trick!Thkx! I'm sorry, but I don't understand your question. I have a question. Never came across a detailed post as this. m helpless :( Please help.. Hi Rishika!You're in luck! I desperately needs some help as I have been trying different things to get this to work for days but I haven't succeeded yet.blog URL: http://evolveplace.blogspot.co.uk/I can't post into the other menus apart from the home page no matter how hard I try. Thank you very much. It goes to a page that says the page you are looking for does not exist. I have been using it to install static pages on a couple of blog templates that I made. Presumably this has something to do with it being a mobile browser. Authors of BloggerTipsPro.com are not employed by Google Inc. That should work.Hope that helps!- Don James, Thanks for your great post also thanks for that your giving us great information. Sorry i did not check this because got stuck in some other work. !I see you're using the new dynamic template for Blogger. Thank you! I feel interesting to use this way. Thanks for sharing, Hey,Amazing blog post. hei thanks a ton it worked perfect ....i also got initially the problem that other got...save button not working or it was giving error message but i had to put only / in from box where your screen shot is showing your blog address my setting did not show any address ....anyway it worked perfect....but for me i did not want those pages shown on top as menu bar so i had to change "don't show will manually link pages" selection .. storiesofautism.blogspot.com, Hi Larissa,Were you able to solve this problem? so I can get full pages of home page welcome and then the side gadgets will show it again in "my blog" pages. Waw.I cant believe it is finally happened!! Otherwise, just go into the template and add it.One important note - if you alter the template that way, any new template will erase your changes - so, keep track of them!Good luck!Don, Got'cha! I was nervous to go ahead with your instructions because I didn't know what would happen to all my posts. If you can post a link to your blog either here or in your profile I can help you better.- Don James. Hi Kathryn,Guess I don't fully understand your question. Hi again :)I was wondering can i put some content in a static page by editing the html in the template? Though this isn't a typical configuration for Blogger, the recent changes in the new layout editor have made this easier than ever without having to spend time editing the template code as you had in the past. Thank you for a wonderful tutorial. Add about 10 fake posts and some pages. Thank you. thanks for brilliant job to help blogger. I've only seen this problem with Firefox - which is my preferred one but always has issues with Blogger editing. The "/p" signifies that it's a static page. As I think nothing is impossible. That should fix it.Take care!- Don James. Many thanks! Hey Mohammed!I'm not sure what might be happening here. Hi Jaymin,Yes, you have noticed that the static page does not work on the mobile template. www.pegikrol.com. Hi Don, Adding the '/index.html' to my blog page url does not show my blog post. Hi this was a wonderful idea. I am going to make full use of this. Let us suppose you want to create an About Us page then the keywords should be, “about us”. Step 1: Write the custom URL you want of your page to be in a notepad or text editor and copy it in the clipboard. (Sorry my English is so bad! Feel free to post your blogger page so I can take a look at it. I really cannot explain just what is happening to you. Hi... your instructions here (including screenshots) are simple, straight forward and very very clear. is that impossible?thank you so much, Hi Prasajadi!Not a problem - in fact, you're in luck. OOOOOOOOOH Thank you this was so very helpful and easy to do! It looks so silly floating around in the middle of nowhere!Hope you can help me! I think I'll easily find the HTML code for this. However, I did notice that if I enter the URL manually in my browser it works. Some people have created a separate mobile blog that just has the home page and then redirects back to the original blog.I'll post more once I discover an answer.- Don. PS - I looked at your blog and your home page is h.html rather than my example of home-page.html. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Could be the same case here. Since a Blogger Page is like a single post you need to keep editing it. But under that it says "home". hi i was having a problem to get my own to work also, but this helped thanks for providing this, I always wanted a static page, didn't know what it was called or how to do it. Thanks! - Don James, Hi, Don, Great article! I figured how to remove the right hand column. !one question, How can i add Multiple Dynamic pages in my blog?And how to post on respective blogs? Thank you for all the information. Take a look at the home page - How to Add Category Tabs to Blogger.- Don, yes,it is very nice thank you for your instruction.it was so interesting and the explanation is so good with screen shots thank you very much,and plz go and visit my blog www.vigneshstudio.blogspot.com.

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