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They like an elongated bell pepper. It is slightly hot than bell peppers but milder than jalapeno peppers. The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. The hollow structure inside is excellent for stuffed pepper recipes. One of the flavorful additions for stir-frying, grilling, and stuffing recipes. Common Uses for Cubanelle Peppers Common uses for Cubanelles include salads, casseroles, or a yellow mole sauce. Dehydrate. And have a tapered with a slight bend at the bottom. Cubanelle peppers are a common pepper used in Puerto Rican, Dominican and Cuban cuisine. It tastes mild to moderately hot at times. Mild sweet spice… Cubanelle pepper fast facts: Scoville heat units (SHU): 100 – 1,000 SHU Median heat: 550 SHU Origin: Italy, Cuba Capsicum species: Annuum Jalapeño reference scale: 3 to 80 times milder Use: Culinary Size: Up to 6 inches long, curved Flavor: Sweet The cubanelle may be known as a sweet pepper, but there’s still a slight simmer of heat to this chili. Cubanelle peppers are similar to banana peppers and make an acceptable substitute for recipes calling for Anaheim peppers. Cubanelle peppers taste mild when compared with Anaheim and poblano peppers. And bright yellowish, light green in color. Another popular dish is the classic Italian sausage sandwich, topped with sauteed Cubanelle peppers. They're not spicy, but they're not quiet as mild as regular sweet peppers. Seal any cut, unused pepper in a container to avoid moisture loss. They like an elongated bell pepper. And tastes mildly hot than the sweet peppers. You can use them in general cooking, using them as you would any bell types, for example, as part of a mirepoix. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, Spicy Stuffed Peppers With Feta (Piperies Me Tyri), Boycotting Goya? Roasting. 65 days | I’ve never grown Cubanelle peppers but I’m excited to try them! These vary in texture and with a more peppery flavor. Cubanelle pepper is a versatile pepper that can be used in some dishes. Its heat level fluctuates for many reasons including the season and the growing methods. Cubanelle peppers are six to eight inches in size, with a slight curling at the end of the tail. They are great on subs or pizza as well, and they can be stuffed with your favorite delicious filling. Remove the seeds to match the heat level of Cubanelle. It is excellent when topped over pizza or mixed with salad. To thaw leave them in the refrigerator overnight. These are most commonly used in Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Italian cuisines. It has several names in Spanish; ají cubanela in the Dominican Republic, with "ají" being another word for pepper in Spanish (), pimienta de cocinar (translated to “pepper for cooking”) in Puerto Rico (), and ají chay in Cuba (). Freezing. The flesh of the Cubanelle is thinner than a bell pepper or poblano and is more similar to an Anaheim. Most are imported to the United States from the Dominican Republic. These are long that usually equals 3 times its width size. The flesh is thin compared to bell peppers. Ground the dehydrated pepper to powder form, and use it to spice up any food instantly. Get daily tips and expert advice to help you take your cooking skills to the next level. Or chop them and add to the stir fry as and when. You can also use them in stir-fry vegetables, soups … The Cubanelle Pepper is considered a sweet pepper, though it can have a touch of heat. Dehydrate the peppers by hanging them in the air, or using the dehydrator. They grow in late July to September, depending the growing region. There's a slight sweet heat to these peppers that makes them a good ingredient to mix with rich foods like cheese, meats, and sauces. Try These Alternative Brands for Latin Pantry Staples, Introduction to Latin Caribbean Culinary Tastes. Good to substitute for the texture. These peppers … Poblano pepper. Make a note that Anaheim is hotter than Cubanelle peppers, and adjust the quantity according to the recipe.

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